Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the 84th Problem

This weeks parable expands on what we have discussed in the previous parables. The problems in your life change when your perception of them changes, and this parable is about perceiving your problems as a whole, and shifting your understanding about your place in life. Shifting to what? you may ask… to whatever you want, but preferably, much more awesome!

Made with Love by~
Jordan Duchnycz and Vanessa Cuccia
Audio Recording by VISION
Logo by Lee VanPelt
Intro Music by Seb Skelly
Credits Music by Vanessa Cuccia
-It’s got to do with you-
Background music by Seth Mikhail
Special thanks to Andrew Golden, for without him this could not have been made!
Thank you so much for everyone who provided their time, energy, and Love into helping create this project!


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