Gazans celebrate, Israel condemns Jerusalem synagogue attack

SAME OLD SHIT!  Do not buy this.
Look at the new video, this was stage!

ISIS Mass Beheading Hoax Hollywood Production

This is the back story.

I aim to show that there is no evidence to support that these videos are related to 9/11, and that there is only a small group of people involved in the incident. The videos all show the same group of people from different angles. 

Please stay on topic. This thread is not a Palestine vs Israel discussion and all replies should relate to the videos and their content. 

Video Analysis 

Fox News Video 

I will draw your attention to particular people within this video. 

2 second – man in blue shirt with sunglasses on 

6 seconds – Woman dancing while having cake offered to her from behind the camera 

20 seconds – Men clapping in a white van 

Now, I ask you to make an assessment of the number of people actually taking part in this celebration. Majority of those ‘celebrating’ are also young children. 

The reporter makes an incorrect ascertation stating that the ‘V sign for victory is being displayed’. The sign is given by a child and is also a sign for ‘peace’. 

There is no evidence presented in this video that this relates to 9/11. There is nothing anti-American. The only evidence it presents is that this is a small group of people, mostly children, dancing while one is being offered cake. 

Fox News also claimed on 12th Sept that ‘about 3,000 people poured into the streets of Nablus shortly after the attacks began’ Story 

Where are the videos of these 3,000 people? 

CNN Video 

I will again draw your attention to particular people within this video: 

6 seconds – A boy in a blue and green top, the man in a blue shirt and sunglasses again and a man in a white top 

9 seconds – the same woman dancing, who we saw being offered cake in the Fox video 

The man in the white top shown at 6 seconds is interviewed at the end. The reporter claims he says ‘This is a sweet from Osama Bin Laden’. The reporter however talks over this man, meaning that we cannot hear anything that this man says to verify if this is indeed actually what was said. CNN is the only news channel to claim this is what this man said. Why did no other news channels report this? 

If anyone can lip read Arabic please let us know what this man is actually saying to verify if this is correct or not. 

The video shows the same footage and small group of people as the Fox video, with no evidence that it relates to 9/11. 

MSNBC Video 

Again, I’ll identify people within the video to prove this is taken from the same footage as the Fox and CNN videos: 

6 seconds – The boy in the blue and green top. 

13 seconds – Men clapping in a white van 

29 seconds – The boy in the blue and green top again and the white van again 

Again, it is clear to see that this video shows the same people small group of people as the other two and shows no evidence of what day the footage was taken on or the reason for the celebration. 

Please also note that none of this footage is live, or claims to be live. 

I found this video 

which shows different camera angles of the cake being offered to the dancing woman. It also claims that a German TV news station discovered that these people were only happy due to the cake and sweets, and that the woman apologized for people believing she was celebrating 9/11. However I can find no evidence to support this claim. 

If anyone speaks German and can try to verify these claims for me I’d be grateful


The media sensationalized these video to cause outrage across America. The origin of the footage cannot be confirmed. The claim is that is was taken by a Reuters reporter, yet no mention of the story or footage appears on the Reuters website. The reason for these people dancing, or the day the footage was taken cannot be verified. Majority of those involved are children, and the infamous ‘dancing woman’ is having cake waved in her face from behind the camera. 

The evidence that can be taken from this is that the footage shows only a small group of people dancing over something and being offered cake. Nothing more. 

These videos are commonly used to promote an anti-Palestinian and anti-Islamic agenda without any evidence to support the medias claims of what they show. 

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