The Origins of Oil - falsely defined in 1892

Col Fletcher Prouty explains how oil was falsely classified a "fossil fuel" in 1892 and how that deception was advanced further in the 70's by Kissinger and Rockefeller. Prouty also explains that Nixon/Kissinger/Rockefeller were seeking a 'world oil price'. That effort created what many now call the "Petrodollar" and the impact of that mistake is playing out still today across the planet. Both Sadam Hussein and Libya's Ghadafi were stopped (murdered) when they attempted to sell oil in 1) Euros or 2) Dinars. 


Secret Saudi Plan To Manipulate Oil Prices

Crude oil prices have plummeted since the Islamic State group began its offensive in Iraq this past summer, falling by 34% since the summer.
Most expected the cost to rise due to potential supply interruptions, but some experts now believe the seeming anomaly may be due to Saudi Arabia manipulating the situation to weaken competitors such as the US and Russia.
Marin Katusa of Casey Research explains to Ben Swann.


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