Brilliant Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN

January 2, 2017: CNN's announcement of the SunCell, the world's new energy source that releases massive power by conversion of hydrogen to dark matter.


Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (“BrLP” or the “Company”) believes that it has created a game-changing, nonpolluting fundamentally new primary source of energy from the conversion of hydrogen into a prior undiscovered, more stable form of hydrogen called “Hydrino®” that releases two hundred times more energy than burning hydrogen. This enormous chemical energy gain is thermodynamically enabling of using ubiquitous H2O water as the source of hydrogen fuel to form Hydrinos and oxygen. Brilliant Light has solved the theory, confirmed Hydrino reaction products by many analytical techniques, and identified Hydrino as the pervasive dark matter of the universe. The SunCell® was invented and engineered to harness this clean energy source of optical power of thousands of Sun equivalents that can be directly converted to electrical output using commercial photovoltaic cells. SunCell® technology is under rapid development for commercialization. Prototypes are already continuously producing hundreds of thousands of watts of light that is ideal for concentrator photovoltaic conversion being engineered and fabricated at leading photovoltaic (PV) companies. The performance to date indicates that the SunCell® is capable of rapid displacement of fuels, power sources, and infrastructure due to its superior performance, lower cost, lack of pollutant by-products, and use of existing mass-produced components. To protect its intellectual property, multiple worldwide patent applications have been filed on BrLP’s proprietary pioneering innovations and inventions. To Management’s knowledge, there are no known Hydrino-technology competitors.

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