David Icke - The Archons - Reality Is An Illusion

David Icke - The Archons - Reality Is An Illusion

It's something that I've been, well, researching is hardly an applicable word in some ways, because to research means to look for, and you do, do that, of course you do, but after some extraordinary, what people would call paranormal experiences, in 1990 and 91, my life has become since then, this synchronistic series of coincidences which have led me, brought to me really, people, personal experiences, documents, books and all these different sources that have put information before me in a very coordinated way, like some hidden hand is passing information to you, and it's not just random information, it's information that very clearly, as it comes into my life, has a direction, it has a series of steps. 

So, in the early 1990's, the information that was coming into my life was about the fact that there was a cabal that was manipulating human society and world events towards the goal of an Orwellian global state, in which there would be a world government dictating to every country; countries would be dismantled and become regions of great power structures, the European Union is classic. What we're seeing now with the European Union is the next stage of breaking countries up by destroying them financially, and then essentially dictating financially and in terms of government. And, that there was a plan for a global army to impose the will of the world government, a world central bank to impose the cabal's global financial structure and control, and that, the plan was for every child at birth to be micro-chipped as a matter of course. Now that was kind of like, "whoa, enough!" as the information came. And of course, with the passage of the years, this has been confirmed more and more by the fact that it's happening.

Then there was a phase in the mid to late 1990's when, while that other information continued, and it has continued to this present day, another parallel and connected series of synchronistic situations happened in my life which brought information to me, and this related to the fact that the network of families, which go back to the ancient world, that are behind this control system I've just described, and its ambitions, actually take a non-human form, a not just Reptilian, or that seems to be the dominant one but, and I've moved on from that too, and gone into other levels of it beyond that...but there is a non-human force behind this attempt to lock down the world. 

And then from about 2002 to 2003, right to the present day, all these continue once they come into my life, these different areas, they continue to go, that's why I work twelve to fifteen hours a day keeping up with it, but this third phase from about 2002-3 was the most important. Because without this, you can't really understand the rest. And that was about the nature of reality, the illusory nature of what we call physical reality, the fact that it is illusional and that we live in a holographic illusory physical reality, which is only one level of many multi-levels of this reality which operates on a wave-form level, vibrational level, it operates on an electrical level, it operates on a digital level, it operates on a holographic level which we in the conscious mind perceive as the world. 

And to appreciate, that when I looked through my eyes I know that illusion (found?) enough, which is why when people have near death experiences, they leave the body and they're looking down on the body with their eyes, but they're still seeing, so I mean, the scale of illusion in our so called physical experience is extraordinary, I mean, and we've not got to the bottom of it yet. But, it is that when I look through my eyes, shall we say, people think that they're seeing everything there is to see in the space that I'm looking at. No they're not. They're seeing a tiny band of frequency called visible light, which is so tiny, it is ludicrous. And the rest of what exists in this universe, and even mainstream science would say this, although, stone age science I would suggest, but even it sees this; that the overwhelming vast majority of what exists in this universe in energy, matter, mass, whatever you want to call it, its different forms, we cannot see, and therefore we are living in like a holographic television channel. 

So all I'm seeing now as I look here, is this tiny frequency range called visible light. But all the other levels of reality also share the same space as the one that we are experiencing. And we've got digital television coming in now and all that stuff, but if you take the analog version of television, add radio too, they are sharing the same space without interfering with each other because they're on different frequencies. And thus, interpenetrating this reality that we experience with a conscious mind, are all the other realities, where very very different worlds are manifest, and with very different what we call, laws of physics. And so, it's from these frequencies that are very very close to this one, that, we use the term with radio and television, where interference takes place. And if you had two radio stations that are well away from each other in the frequency band, then they don't interfere with each other. One is not aware of the other one. But you get two frequencies that are close, you might be dominated by one, but there is interference from the other. Why? Because the frequencies are very close.

Well, these manipulating entities, forces, shall we say, operate from a frequency band that is very close to this one, but is not this one. Let's give an example: You'll see stories of UFOs appearing out of nowhere and disappearing into nowhere. You'll hear stories of people saying, this entity appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. Well they haven't disappeared and they haven't appeared out of nowhere. What they've done is, they've entered the frequency band that we can decode, the visible light frequency band that I'm talking about, and when it enters that, we start decoding that information because it's now in our ability to do that. And as we start decoding it, 'bang!' to the observer, it appears as though it has just come out of nowhere. And then it leaves that frequency range and it appears to the observer as though it has disappeared into nowhere. It hasn't. It's just left that 'bang!' that we can decode, which is tiny. 

I find this particularly compelling. When I go around different ancient beliefs and explanations of what's happening, and you find that although they're using different names, they're telling the same story. For instance, there was a group of people, or shall we say a belief system, which goes back hundreds of years and it's become known as Gnostic. This was the belief system of people that ran the great library of Alexandria, with Hypatia, who was slaughtered by a mob inspired by the Roman church because that library carried knowledge and information that would have, as it circulated, demolish the Roman church's version of everything. It was challenging the Roman church's version of everything. And what's interesting is, whenever you come across the Gnostic's belief system expressing itself, you see it's followed by slaughter, suppression and the destruction of that knowledge. 

So the Cathars in southern France were Gnostics, in terms of their belief system, and we'll go into what a belief system is in a second. And so again, in went the church and all those people that kill for the church, and they destroyed the Cathars. It was I think 1244, was it? was the last stand, to the mountain fortress of Montsegur in southern France in the foothills of the Pyrenees. And again, it's not just we slaughter them, but we destroy their knowledge. But a fantastic thing happened in 1945 when a sealed jar of Gnostic writings, quite considerable writings, was found by a peasant in Egypt, in 1945. And they describe much of the Gnostic belief system. Now key in my interests, one of the things, because as a quick aside, they were telling a very different version of the Christian story, and we might get into that because it's relevant. But the key thing for me was that, around one fifth of these texts were about a phenomenon they called the Archons. And the archons, these Gnostics said, were a manipulative force that operated outside of human sight, that was basically as we would call it, an energetic form rather than what we would call a physical form, though it could manifest as physical forms through holographic projections and stuff. And these writings even talked, in their own way, about the illusory nature of this reality.

And they talked about, the archons were the, like cyborg, we would call it, troops, of something they call the Demiurge. And the Demiurge is what Christians call the Devil and this negative force. And what these writings said was that this reality we're experiencing was not created by some Divine Force, it was created by the Demiurge and the archons and it was a fake reality and that they manipulated by accessing the human psyche and manipulating humans' perception of reality. Now there are some very interesting things that they said about the archons. And one was that they lacked the ability to express the Creative Force. I would put it like this; If you gave them a blank sheet of paper and said create something, like a reality, they couldn't do it. But what the Gnostic writings say is, they are experts at taking something that already exists, like the reality, before these hijackers, I would call it the one we experience now, and twist it. They piggyback something already created, and twist it. Something else they said the archons did, and you know you're going back to something that's been estimated I think around 400 AD these writings were buried, and that is that the archons parasite off everything. They parasite off human society in many many different forms. 

And I read this stuff and I'm going "whoa!" This is my own books over the years, found in a jar in Egypt. Not all the details in my books but the basic themes because they fit totally. And then you go to the Islamic belief. And not just the Islamic belief because this came from pre-Islamic Arabia originally. And that is the very considerable focus in Islam on energetic beings they call the Jinn. And when you look at the jinn and what the Gnostics said about the archons, hallelujah, hello, they're the same thing! And then you go around other cultures and you see the same recurring theme. So when you look then at human society, what is then the Creative Force within human society? Humans. What do these families, that I've been exposing all these years, what do they do? They piggyback off that Creative Force and manipulate it and direct it in a way that suits them. What do these networker families also do? They parasite off human effort, human labor, human energy, human creativity...the banking system, I rest my case! 

What is the global banking system, except a structure totally focused on parasitizing the energy and off the efforts of the human population. What is taxation in the way that it is today? It is parasitizing off human efforts and human creativity. So, what I also found interesting is that, the archons described as we would say, like cyborgs, they're almost like, they're computer-like, and they serve this force they call the demiurge, well, I've been talking about these reptilian entities that operate outside human sight, but can come in, and the archons can but they can't stay for long because of the frequency difference, they can come in for a while but it takes so much energy to stay in our reality because it's not their natural frequency band so they can't stay for long. And what they've done, just a quick aside before I continue that thing about the reptilians, what they have done is, they have created a network of bloodline families going way back to the ancient world which represent their interests with visible light because they can't come in here and stay for very long, so these families, where their outer human form is operating within the  frequency band of visible light, they are the archon representatives within human society. And this is why you get this network of families that sit on top of the banking system, the transnational corporation network, the media ownership level, atop of science, atop of the education system, atop of the military, atop of the global intelligence network. These are the families representing what the Gnostics call the archons.  

And as I was going to say a few minutes ago, when you look at how these archons are described, they're just like the reptilians I've been writing about for years, in terms of their computer-like structured to the point of obsession, society, which absolutely knows it hierarchical place, every level knows its hierarchical place in it. And it's very robotic, computer-like. It's not a flowing, creative force. It's very structured. And that's how the archons are described.

The only one time I've taken psychoactive drugs in my life was in 2003 in a rainforest in Brazil when I took a rainforest potion called Ahyahuasca. I had an amazing time, and I went into an altered state of perception and for five hours this voice so strong talked to me so loud and so powerfully about the illusory nature of reality, for five hours. And when I came back, I had an instant memory of all of it, when I came back and checked it all out, you could see very quickly that mainstream science in all its different disciplines, as shown that what I was told that night, is true, but because the disciplines are kept apart and are at war with each other for funding and precedence, that the dots never get put together, and because they're not meant to, we're not suppose to know what reality we are experiencing because it gives us too much power once we know. And this voice said to me at one point when it was talking about the computer-like nature of these manipulators, if you programmed a computer to abuse a child, would the computer have any problem with it? No. Why? Because it would just decode the data and act in line with the data, the software program. And this reptilian force is very much like that. Very structured, very predictable. 

And interestingly, most people don't realize this, but one of the most important parts of the human brain in terms of human behaviour, response and reaction to situations, is called the reptilian brain or the archon complex. When you look at the traits of the reptilian brain within the human brain, of course the other parts of the brain all balance that out, or should. But when you have more reptilian genetics, those traits of the reptilian brain are obviously more extreme and more pronounced. This is mainstream science, one of the key traits of the reptilian brain is obsessive ritualistic behaviour. And what is ritualistic behaviour? It's following the same pattern day after day, week after week, repeating repetitious behaviour. Now this is robotic. And so you've got the reptilians described in those terms, the archons described in those terms, etc. And these forces are different names and expressions for the same thing.

Now, one of the manifestations of this network of bloodlines that represent this archonic, reptilian force within the human society, is the royal families going back to the ancient world, and the aristocratic families that surround them. Why? Because where did the idea that certain bloodlines should be king or queen of a people? And you have this hierarchy because this is the other thing about reptilian genetics. The reptilian brain is obsessed with hierarchical structures and power. Look at our world, look at the royal families and the aristocracy. It's absolutely rigid with hierarchy! Everyone knows their place, 'you're a viscount,' 'you're a baron,' 'you're a lord,' 'you're a king,' 'you're a prince,' and all this stuff. This is the human expression of, the partly human expression because they're hybrids, of the reptilian archon obsession of hierarchical structure manifested in our world. Because what they've done, what they're doing, is bringing that reptilian archonic reality into our world, and making our world like theirs more and more.

Now you have this thing of course, going way back, which goes under the title of things like, 'the divine right to rule.' And what is that? That is the right to rule because of your bloodline because of your DNA. And we have the ancient emperors of China claiming the right to be the ruler because of their descendants from the serpent gods. And the association between the serpent and and the snake with royalty and royal families and royal bloodlines, just follow it back. And so you look at these royal bloodlines that have come through, because what happened is that there came a time when the human population started to reject, overtly, in your face, dictatorship from 'royal' bloodline. 

And you had that move where this force, not entirely, not at least in Britain, moved into what I call the dark suit professions of banking, business, politics and all the rest of it, and gone on manipulating from that point of view. But some of them survived, like the British royal family. Now, if you want to see a group of people that are so obsessed to the extreme, not just with hierarchy but my goodness they are, the whole British class system, as they call it, is based on obviously hierarchy, which is based on their estate being the queen. But you want to see a group of people who are obsessed with ritualistic behaviour, look at the royal family. She goes to the same palace at christmas, she goes to the same palace in the summer, she goes to the same palace in the spring, and so on. And if you look at the royal year, it's ritualistic, it's a hamster's wheel --repeating, repeating, repeating. And then we are seeing in the week that we're talking, the diamond jubilee, it's really been in our face the last few days, and I've watched as much as I could because I wanted to follow the ritual. But, you know, Britain is famous for what is called  pomp and ceremony. You know, the guards in red jackets and black hats, you know like need a haircut, marching up, changing of the guard, and then you've got the people in breeches and all that stuff, it's unbelievable. But it's not pomp and ceremony. It is ritual. Repeating ritual. And so I'm saying, and I've been saying for years and years, that the British royal family, and the royal families of Europe too, but the British royal family is an expression of this hybrid bloodline which represents these other dimensional forces within human society. And I've described how these other dimensional forces operate, their mentality, how they're structured, and you look at the British royal family alone, and it's absolutely a mirror of the very traits that the Gnostics, etc, have spoken of in terms of this archonic other dimensional force.

So, it's very challenging, obviously, for people who haven't researched this and have not been through the experiences. And also from cradle to grave we've been given a certain version of reality; education system, peer pressure, media, all the way through, to go actually encompass the possibility of what I'm saying. But you know, it's like Gandhi said, even if you're a minority of one, and I'm not anymore, the truth is still the truth. And it doesn't become an untruth because people can't find the capacity to see it's possible. You see, people say, that can't be done, that's impossible, that's crazy. But what are they doing? They're just looking at something from a certain point of observation. And if their point of observation has been just to take in the programming that's been imposed upon us from the first moment we've become conscious in this reality, then they'll see it a certain way and say, it's crazy. But if you spend 22 years researching it, you're looking at it from a completely different point of observation, and to you, it's blatantly bloody obvious. And it's bringing those two points of view together that's a challenge because what is happening in the world, and what is behind what is happening in the world is so massively different, fundamentally almost indescribably different from what we're told is happening, that it's the chasm that is probably more than anything else, the greatest defense vehicle that this conspiracy has. It's so extraordinary that people think it's not possible and anyone that talks about it must be crazy. But it is changing.

You have to go deep in the rabbit hole for this, and of course you're constantly going deeper, or trying to go deeper. There are many aspects to this. You scan the ancient world, including texts that came through to be like Genesis in the bible. There is another common thing, and that is that there was an interbreeding, there was genetic manipulation of the human form, and this is my view after 22 years of researching this and the information coming to me. Before this force hijacked our reality, humans were very different, so different I won't call them humans, I'll call them Earth people. And they were a heart centered society, in the sense that we have this holographic body interpenetrating all the different levels of the human form, energetic and holographic, are vortexes that become known as chakras, wheels of light as they call them in Asian. Vortexes which interpenetrate these different energy fields. And it seems there are seven basic foundation ones going up through the human form, and this one, the heart, is the key. This vortex connects us to way out there, to far higher, more expanded levels of awareness than anything else. 

There's an organization in America called the institute of Heartmath. They research the power of the heart and they've found the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body's electromagnetic field is the heart. There are more nerves going from the heart to the brain than going the other way. And when the hearts energetic field is in what they call coherence, in other words, balance, and connects in coherence with the central nervous system and the brain, that trinity, if you like, when it comes into harmony, it takes the person into a much higher level of awareness and consciousness. The key is the coherence of the heart field. Once you knock that out, you knock everything out, and what's left then as the arbiter and decider of reality, this (the brain). Now this (brain) is a great servant to this (heart). It's not a great master when it's in control of our perception of reality. And there's another vortex in the belly, which is about emotions. This is why when people feel nervous or frightened they feel it in the belly. There is an imbalance in the chakra/vortex when it's linked to emotions, an imbalance in the system. 

And what they've done, to pull humanity into a low vibrational brain dominated perception, is they've moved the point where we interact with reality, from the heart to the belly. They've done it genetically. As I've said in my last book "Remember Who You Are," that, on the level of human DNA what they call junk DNA which is anything up to 98% non-coding DNA, they call it junk DNA because they don't know what it does. Well, some cutting-edge scientists not least in Russia and some in America are pointing out that actually, within so called junk or non coding DNA is a language and it's a language that you can see and uncover, and it operates very much like human language. It has many of the traits of how the human language is sequenced. And they're talking about how the human language is vibrational fields. We hear the words but only when the brain decodes them. What's passing between you and me now is not the words and what people are hearing, but a vibrational informational field generated by my vocal chords. People are only hearing the words when they decode that information. So everything is vibrational wave form at its base. Even language. DNA is wave form like the body is wave form at its base state. They're starting to uncover this language and it fits absolutely my contention that part of this genetic manipulation was to put in to junk DNA what I call biological software programs, and they are basically perception programs. So if you put a disk into a computer and the computer starts to read it, on the screen, the computer's symbolic perception is read from the disk. Well what if we had biological software programs running through from junk DNA language, the fact they're finding, and we were reading them into a perception reality?

The other key side of this is that there are emotional biological software programs in there that are running all the time. And when you are reading those, then you are in the belly (then you are crawling around on your belly!) because they're low vibrational software programs, in terms of emotions, because they're all about fear and all the subdivisions of fear, like anxiety, frustration, depression, guilt, and all these expressions of fear. If we do not open our minds, I call this the human body/mind computer, biological computer, if we don't open our minds and let the true self in, consciousness, then humans are operating literally in a closed system in which the DNA emotional perceptional programs are running and not being challenged by a level of awareness that is beyond the program. So basically the people talk about the blind leading the blind, what humans are is the program leading the program. It is my view, and this may be shocking to people, even some who've been along this road a bit, it's my view after 22 years of putting this together, that the vast majority at least, of humans, have been going through entire lifetimes without having a single original thought or emotional response. 

Now when you've got psychologists, and Karl Jung the Swiss psychiatrist talked about this, but others too, when you've got psychologists that say that they can break down the human personality into twelve major archetypes and combinations of them, well at the level of awareness, at the level of consciousness, at the level of the true self, we are infinite possibility within an infinite reality of infinite possibility, how on earth can you break down that into twelve major archetypes and combinations of them? It's ludicrous, you can't. But what can you do that to? Computer programs. And that's what we are. These archetypal personalities are actually software running, perception software, running within junk DNA. Now, put all this together and that has moved us from a heart centered society connected out into a greater level of reality, this is the innate intelligence, this (brain) is suppose to serve this (heart)! Not be the governor of perception! That's why "this knows, (H)" and "this thinks, (B)" has to work it out. People don't go, "uhm, my intuition thinks," no! We do this don't we? "My intuition just knows, knows." Because instinctively on a subconscious level we're going to that point of true knowledge, beyond knowledge, this is knowledge awareness. And but what's happened is, our point of interacting has gone from the heart centered society, and if you're coming from this, and this innate awareness, this innate knowing, this innate understanding that everything is connected to everything else, then you create / manifest from that a completely different society, to the one that we have.

What's the one that we have? They've moved it into the belly. Humans, now they've moved it into a belly society, where does human response come from overwhelmingly, to events that we face? The emotions. It's an emotional response, it's an emotional reaction. It's not a heart reaction, of course it does happen, but overwhelmingly it's an emotional reaction. You know, this mass manipulation technique that I called a long time ago, problem-reaction-solution where they create the problem covertly, tell the people from an unquestioning mainstream media, the version of the problem they want people to believe, and then they get the reaction from the people, "do something, do something, something must be done," and then they who have covertly created the problem, got that reaction "do something" and then at stage three, openly offered the solution to the problems that they have created, which gives them the excuse to change society and advance the agenda that they're following. Now it's not problem, go into the heart, look at it from the innate intelligence of the heart. It's not even problem, I'll think about it, do a little bit of research, see what you think.... It's, problem, REACTION, solution. It's the manipulation of AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE, emotional reaction. And what they're doing all the time is manipulating an emotional response to get support to justify what they're doing.

So for instance, they'll tell you that Gaddafi was killing his own people and what have you, because they're looking for an emotional response, "oh no, we've got to stop him from killing his own people." What they don't tell you of course is that the rebels were actually put in there, funded and armed by the Nato aliance to cause the problem. And then when Gaddafi's troups start reacting to what they're doing, shooting back at being shot at, then suddenly, "aaah look! Gaddafi's killing his own people!" Reaction? "Oh oh yea, we gotta stop it." So this is happening all the time. You know nine-eleven. Look at nine-eleven and those horrific pictures and the towers coming down. Did that take us to hear? No, it took people here (gut). And from this gut, what will you say? Gut reaction. You know, people say, "what does your heart tell you?" Right? But how many times, instead of going "what does your heart tell you?" What will it say? "What does your gut tell you?" Emotional response, emotional reaction. 

And so what they've done is moved us, not all of us, not everybody, but you know, the vast majority, they've moved them from the heart -high vibration- which they can't touch. If we're in the heart, we're untouchable. It's like radio one trying to impact on radio two. Can't be done. They're terrified if it's going into the heart because, it's over. (The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now. I know even though you've never suffered hunger, you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears any moment now its manoeuvre is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied.(They're so frightened of being found out, like Tsarion taught saying they were fleeing a force in the Universe and they hid here. So frightened of being found out, it's no wonder the saying: "They're coming to take you away ha-ha!) So they move us into their stadium vibrationally, because not only do they manipulate human response through emotion, they feed off human low vibrational emotional energy. They turned us into their energy source because they're an energetic force basically, that they're called. Well we all are, but they're much more energetic than we are, because we're much more aware of the holographic so called physical. (The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when [the predator] made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man. What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat.) So when we eat food we think we're eating physical food. There is no physical. We're eating holographic food. But the foundation of that food which we decode into some kind of illusory solidity, is actually a wave form information field. All that these entities do, is they feed, they get their energy source not from a sandwich and a cup of tea, but directly, energetically, they absorb energy in its wave form. So when we generate low vibrational human emotion, that emotion is resonating within the frequency, that's why we can't see it, we can feel emotion, but we can't see it because it's vibrating within another frequency band beyond visible light, and that's the frequency band that these archons, reptilians overwhelmingly operate in.

So everytime we generate fear and all its offshoots, we're feeding them energetically. So you get up a war, a 9/11, global war, and economic crisis where parents now in Greece are giving their children away or selling their children because they can't affort to feed them. Can you imagine in that one incident, with one set of parents, how much is generated here, emotionally, from the horrific, I can't even imagine what it's like, situation. And that's just two parents you get that operating. Look at the world everyday, all over the world how emotional energy is being generated and produced by the circumstances that society has been structured to create. It's an orgy of energetic vampiring. And so when Morpheous in the Matrix held up a battery and said, the Matrix is a computer generated dreamworld made to turn humans into one of these (a battery), that is a profound truth because that is what we have become, not so much batteries, although that was a good symbol, but actually generators, power stations generating this energy. 

So we now have this situation where we bring these strands together at this point, in my contention, that these perception programs are running through junk DNA and emotional software programs, biological software programs running through non-coding junk DNA, and as those programs are running, and as society is structured so that it generates situations in computer terms, data, that trigger those programs and bring them to the surface where they are impacting upon our behavior and responses, you are, A): Locking humanity into this closed system where the program programs the program, and B): you're also pulling people from the heart, high vibration, down into low vibrational belly emotional vortex, which is pulling humanity into the predators vibrational stadium. And in doing so, they are able to troll and vampire the energy that that emotional state and response is constantly generating. 

Now I've talked for a long time from your question, "what can we do?" because that background, I suggest, was fundamentally necessary. So what do we do? What can we do? It might sound strange and trite and all the rest of it, I mean because what we've got to do of course is, we've got to stockpile weapons, we've got to create human armies to fight against them, and we've basically got to try to do all the things to them that they do to us, right? And where does that take us? First of all, it makes us them. And secondly, if we go down that road, A): we'll do what? We'll produce more and more of this low vibrational emotional energy in the hatred and in the anger that we produce, and B): we will also, if we go down that road, we will have symbolically weapons that manifest as a pop-gun against state-of-the-art weaponry. So, although it's very macho and very 'we gotta fight!' like Tony Blair said once, 'we've got to fight for peace!' Sorry can I just have some time to work that out in a darkened room, please. It is something, that when you look at it, is very good for them, "the macho, we gotta fight them," but as a strategy of bringing this down, is doomed to failure and disaster because it's playing the game they want us to play. And if  you're in that macho mode and you think the whole spiritual side of things and stuff like that is namby-pamby airy-fairy and a bit, you know, soft, then what I'm going to say will make no sense.

But if we are going to bring an end to something that has been created and perpetuated by something happening, then, we can fight that something, or we can remove that something. And if you've got your finger in a boiling pot of water, well you can turn the gas off or you can literally take your finger out. In other words, instead of finding a solution to the problem, --turning the gas off-- not really a solution because your finger is still in there; you remove the cause of the problem. The cause of your problem burning in the water is because your finger is in the fricken water. So remove it! (remove yourself from the frequency they're playing a game in. The negative scenario.) Done. And if you look at any situation that we want to change, you will always find that removing what has caused the problem is always far more effective than finding a solution to the problem you've caused. And so we have this control system, we have this constant gathering and expanding imposition and dismantling of people's lives financially, and all these different ways, and we can say the solution is to fight the system and get out on the streets and fight and all this stuff, or we can say, "what has caused this reality we are experiencing?" So why not remove the cause of the problem? And this is not about fighting, it's not about macho men responses, it's not about shouting loud, it's about changing the way we interact with reality, and in doing so, stepping out of the influence of the programs that have been running human perception and emotional response throughout known human history and are creating the world that we live in.

Go back to what the Gnostics said about the archons. They have no creative energy, they can't make things happen. We can. Which is bringing us to an interesting point. We can manifest. What this manipulative force has done is program humans to use that gift of manifestation to manifest what they want. And so if we manifest from our perceptions of reality, the manipulated perception of reality, then you'll manifest that manipulated perception which has been given to you to manifest. So, I see people challenging war and conflict when their own lives are full of conflict. 

Now we live in a holographic reality at this conscious mind level, and there's a very unique, fascinating trait and characteristic of holograms and holographic reality. Every part of the whole is a smaller version of the whole. So for instance if you take a hologram you buy in the shops, you take the waveform holographic print, which is on the print in waveform information, and  cut it into four pieces, and you fire the lazer which reads that information in effect, brings that 3-dimensional holographic image projecting from the waveform information on the photographic print. You cut that into four and put a lazor to each of the four pieces, you will not get a quarter of the whole picture, but you'll get four quarter-sized versions of the whole picture. 

And this is what explains alternative forms of healing like reflexology and accupuncture and others, where they find points on the ears, hands, feet, and all different parts of the body that relate to the body as a whole. Thus reflexologists can work on a part of the foot and impact upon the heart or liver, depending upon where they're doing it. And I've known and talked to reflexologists over the years and they know it works, but they're not sure why it works. So why are there points on the foot and ear that relates and impacts upon the body as a whole? Well it's simple when you realize this reality is holographic. Because every part of the whole is a smaller version of the whole. The body is a holographic manifestation as a hologram, thus every part of the body must be a smaller version of the whole. And that's why all over the body and all the different parts you can find points that relate to the whole body.

In the same way, if we have conflict in our own lives on a so-called individual level, and this is going on all over the world in all the different societies, I mean, it is. That's a smaller version of the whole. And a hologram moves both ways. When the whole hologram shifts, all the parts of the hologram shift. Because they are expressions of each other. You shift or affect the smaller part of the hologram, and in this case, it's lots of people, billions of people with conflict in their lives and all that stuff, and that's going to impact on the hologram as a whole, i.e. Human society. And you're going to have collective conflict. 

(While we're on that, I want to tell a little story I went through. When I was a teenager, 17 years old, friends at the end of the street had a large outdoor party with tents, picnic tables and live music, and everyone was doing acid, I think it was purple microdot. So I was standing there at the table late at night and decided I just wanted to watch everyone for awhile. I could see all across the large lawn. As I watched I noticed that when at one table of people were laughing, then everyone in the entire place was laughing about something in their own group at their table. Then as soon as everyone looked like they were sad or down, then the entire place acted the same way. Then when everyone was in deep and serious conversation, everyone was in deep and serious conversation. After I saw this, I was so freaked out I just asked my boyfriend to walk me home. When we were headed down the street under the streetlight, I heard him ask me a question and so I answered him. He turned to me so surprised and exclaimed how he was thinking to ask me a question but he didn't open his mouth, that I had just answered a question he was only thinking to ask me. I was so freaked out by this time because I thought oh my goodness if I could read his mind, then he might be able to read mine, and I don't want him to know what kind of thoughts go through my head, so I just shut my mind up the best I could and turned it to a happy happy joy joy situation while we walked the rest of the way home. So yea. Holographic totally.)

If we want to put the fire out, of the whole, that we call, human society and global experience, then we have to put the fire out in our own lives because we are fueling the fire, we are creating the fire. This is why they want conflict and disruption at all levels of society because they know that they're constantly impacting upon each other. We have conflict in our own lives collectively, we are manifesting collective conflict. You have collective conflict like bombing Libya and Iraq and what have you, and the global conflicts, those collective conflicts that impact on the individual that reacts to them with a lot more emotional belly based response. So everything is connected to everything else. Everything is impacting on everything else. Now those behind this manipulation of the human society, they know that. And they have been playing humans like a violin for so long. And this is why. Well not the only reason, but this is why they created human religions, in this part of "why" because there are many "why's" for that. And why they created human science, which is, I call it stone-age science, it's not science, it's just a bogus explanation for reality so we don't see the real one. This is why the nature of reality is hardly anytime discussed in schools or education in general. 

And you know, I travel around the world, I've been to fifty odd countries, many of them many times I've seen the streams of television channels, not least places like America, you're going through the zapper button, there are channels after channels after channels, I have never seen one that was asking the question with an open mind, "who are we, where are we, what is reality?" Now that is ludicrous. I mean, we have a situation where, probably the vast majority of people go through a lifetime, until they come to the end of their lives and then they're thinking, "where do you go?" who never even think about "who am I?" You know, you say to them, "Who are you?" and they say, "Oh, I'm Charlie Jones, I drive a bus." And they'll tell you their family history, they'll tell you their life history and all that stuff. That's not them! That's their experience. And human self identity identifies who we are, Self, with our experience, with our name, with our job. Who are you? I'm a banker. No. That's your experience, not who you are. And so, when you lose touch with who you are, and you lose connection with the true self, beyond the program, then what's left is for the program to run and dominate our sense of reality. Our sense of reality becomes our point of observation, by which we judge everything, and the emotional reaction from which our judgement and response to events, comes. And it's a closed, ever repeating cycle. And unless we break it, then this will go on. And we break it by moving our point of attention, the point at which we interact with the world, from there (the gut), to here (the heart). 

And you know, I had some amazing experiences in Peru. In 1991, amazing experiences which changed my life and all the rest of it. Now, I went back to Peru with a group of people from all over the world, in April 2012. And we went around Peru, and we went to Machu Picchu and this place where I had my amazing paranormal extraordinary experience in 1991... and this group, all of us were going around these places, and what these places were, were heart places. When you went there, you interacted with them from here (heart). And the behaviour of the group and the demeanour of the group was laughter and joy and happiness. Then there was one day, and this really, you know, I've been aware of all this for a long time, but you know what it's like, sometimes you have an experience and it goes bang! In your face. 

And there was one day toward the end of the trip where we went to a place called Kiwanuka, just over the border in Bolivia. It's an ancient site, very famous ancient site if you look at the history and accounts of South America. And if anyone thinks that human awareness, human emotion, human demeanour does not impact upon the energy field that we are all interacting with, they should cross the border between Peru and Bolivia at this place where we did, walked across it, a bridge across the river. One side was Peru and the other side was Bolivia. So once you've crossed into Bolivia, whoa, boom! So, it took ages to get through the border guards just for a tourist group who's going to be in the country for about three hours. They'd all just come back from the hospital apparently where they'd all had a sense of humor by-pass. And we headed to this Kiwanuka, going through in a forty-minute drive, through a police check point and a military check point. You know, I mean, if anyone says that he's predicting Boliva is going to be a police state, well, you're too late mate. 

Anyway, we get there and it was horrible in Kiwanuka. It was big time here (gut level). And I felt this in many places around the world, and they've all been connected to human sacrifice and rituals involving these entities operating in other levels of reality but interacting with this one. This is what satanic rituals are. They're the interactions, that's why they do certain things and repeat them, they're creating an energetic environment which allows interaction and even manifestation of these entities within the rituals. This is what sacrificing to the gods was all about in the ancient world. Because, when you sacrifice someone, the people doing the sacrifice, they drink the blood and eat the flesh, which is what this whole roman catholic thing is really about, drinking the blood of Jesus and eating the flesh, that's just a mild bloody cover for what goes on in the background. But on the other levels of reality while this is going on, these entities, perceived as the gods, are feeding off the terror of the victim. It's this that's sacrifice to the gods. 

Anyway, we get to Kiwanuka and it was that kind of energy, "wooooh." But what I noticed was the demeanour of the group, changed. People weren't happy. They were not in a good space. And there was this lovely guy Mark, a lovely Irish guy, and the change and the behaviour of the group was so pronounced that on the way back, which we got back into Peru where everyone started to get a bit happy again, I asked people if they wanted to go on the microphone on the bus and explain their experience, and Mark said, --Mark was a lovely lovely guy all laughing and dancing and all the rest of it, all the way through Peru-- and he said, "when I was in Kiwanuka," he said, "I just wanted to shout abuse at anyone that got in my way when I was trying to take a picture, you know, I just felt so different." I won't belabor the point, having seen it and experienced it, and seeing the response, you could see. Peru? What a world that would be. And then, Kiwanuka, the world that we have today.

And we really got to move to here (heart level). And I'll say to people, it's a challenge in this world because virtually everything in this world is designed to push you here (gut level). So when you're responding from a belly, emotional point of view, just, and you could do it with your mind, with your consciousness, you just move it, and it's just moving with your point of attention. That's what it is. You move your point of attention, and you move it here (heart level). And feel that point of attention here (heart level), not here (gut level). And you'll see the situation you'll face. I know because I've done it myself, and I've talked to others about doing it and they have, and they say, "yes, it does work." You get to bring it to here (heart), and a situation that you're facing looks very different here (heart), compared to here (gut), and vice versa. This is where we need to go. We need to become the heart centered society, that we are being hijacked and manipulated out of. Now it's not just about moving your point of attention here (heart level) and seeing the situation from here (heart). Once you move your point of attention here (heart), the vortex opens! Because now you're interacting with it, with your own awareness, instead of interacting in a way that's dominated by this (gut level), emotion. And when that opens, what comes through that energetic channel is innate intelligence, innate insight, innate knowing. And suddenly you're seeing the world and getting insights into things, and you're seeing what is happening As It Is, and not as this (gut level) is programmed to see it, and this (brain) is programmed to see it. 

You see, the brain isolated from the heart works in unison with the emotional chakra, and these two in unison, cripe, they're a bloody nightmare! Look at everything about human society that you don't like. These two buggers (brain and gut level) working in unison, are where it comes from. This, you see, this, I'm talking about these emotional and perception programs that I say are running through junk DNA. Once the heart is no longer impacting in any way significantly on our sense of perception, on our sense of reality and all the rest of it, our sense of response, then, the brain becomes the governor of our what? Perception...which is dictated to the brain once this is out of the way (heart) which can override those bloody programs (the heart can) running through junk DNA, piece of cake, you know? This is where the power is (the heart), this is what they're terrified of. So once that's closed down (the heart), and this is what's done by the program, the way society is structured, then, this becomes the governor of perception (brain). And what it is doing is, it is decoding, as a sense of perception, the perception programs running through junk DNA. And that perception of something, becomes an emotional response to something, and this is an emotional response from the programs running through the junk DNA of the emotional programs. So here's your, if you like, your holographic manifestation of the perception programs of self and the world and reality running through, and here is your holographic expression in response and reaction of the emotional programs running through junk DNA.

And these (brain and gut level) have created the world we don't like. They've created the ability of the few to dictate to the vast majority. Because this (the gut) will never see it. This will never "get it." Except up to a point. This (brain) can get to a point where it can see the names, dates, places, Bilderberg Group level of engineered wars, level of what's going on in the world. But, seeing where that is coming from? What's behind it? You got to go into here (heart). Because if  you don't, you can't get into the rabbit hole. Because this (brain) can only go so far. And it's my view, in my experience anyway, that if you are an expert in 9/11, in engineered wars, engineered banking scams, manipulated political nonsense, then you are still walking around the outer rim of the rabbit hole, you've not even entered it yet. Because, it's still the movie. This holographic reality is like a holographic movie, and when a movie has hit the screen, that's it. It's a done deal. You aren't going to change the movie now. And that's what this world is, this holographic world. Because what the human body computer is doing, is taking vibrational waveform information, it's what the five senses do, it's turning into electrical information, same information different form, and it communicates that to the brain, and the whole genetic structure in fact, and that decodes it through into the digital and then the holographic. So the holographic, this apparently physical world, is the end of the story. That, in movie terms, is the movie hitting the screens. You aren't going to change it. You want to stand up in front of the movie screen and start shouting at the screen and telling the movie to change? What are you? People are going to think "you're mad mate, you're mad. You want to change the movie, you gotta change the reel, picture projector is from back here." 

And but that's what we're doing. You know, in so many ways that people respond to this conspiracy when they meet it at some level. It's, "well let's get out in the streets and protest." Well I'm not saying don't, but that's still trying to change the movie when the movie has hit the screen. If you come back, and go deeper in the rabbit hole, and you understand where this movie is being projected from, which is from other frequency bands of reality through the illuminati families, and the illuminati structure within visible light human society, to become the movie we call human society. Then you can go back to the point it's coming from, and therefore you can change what's coming. You can change the movie. And that's what we need to do. And to do that, you know, those that... and I'm not knocking the five sense level of the conspiracy and communicating it, 9/11, manipulating, I'm doing it every day on my website! Books are full of it, we need to know that. But if we only do that, then basically we are seeing the outcome, we are not seeing the origin. And you cannot change an outcome without changing the origin. And when I look at so much conspiracy research, good luck to them, you know, everybody that comes and does this, halleluia to ya, good on ya. But there comes a point where we know how the system works in the holographic world, I mean, what's left? Finding out what size shoes Henry Kissinger takes?

Yes, on a daily basis as it unfolds we need to keep with it, but ok! Are we going to become recorders? of our own enslavement? "Oh see? I told you they'd do this next, look! They're doing it!" If we do that, then we've moved from not knowing that the prison is being built around us, to seeing the prison being built around us. There's a common theme between the two of them: the prison is being built around us. That's fine if people want to do that (research). I'm not saying don't do it. But to do it only? and ignore where it's coming from? therefore ignoring the solution and removing the cause of the problem. People who only do that, will record and record and record their own gathering enslavement, and the enslavement of humanity until --knock knock, "would you come with me sir?"-- I am not waiting for that. We need to change where it's coming from.

And for that, there are some major challenges for those in the conspiracy research arena who are dominated by a sense of patriotism, and dominated by a sense of a religion. Because patriotism in the sense of --I'm not saying don't love your country and love your culture, nothing like that-- but, patriotism in the sense of self-identity, "I am an American, I am an American patriot," No! That is your experience. What you are is: Infinite Awareness, All That Is, Has Been, and Ever Could Be, All Possibility having that experience. And, "I'm a christian." No you're not! That's the belief system you have chosen to take on as your persona, but it's an experience of being a christian and it's not who you are. And if you self-identify with being a christian or a jew or a muslim or a hindu, again you are in a self-identity, which is, self identifying with something that is not you.  And also, and this is in terms of getting to the origin, it means that you are not going to go (to the origin). I come across this all the time. Me, I mean, you know? I'm the guy that people in mainsteam society, of the five-sense nature, they see conspiracy researchers as extreme and crazy. But if you think all you need to know about life and reality is between two covers of a book written by who knows who, who knows when, and who knows what circumstances, such as the koran, the bible and all the rest of them, and what that tells you about who you are in reality and what it is, and how it all works, then you are not even going to begin to go down the rabbit hole into the areas that we need to understand. Because if you do, you are immediately going to realize that your religion is part of the conspiracy.

We talked earlier about the archons and this demiurge, this devil figure that the christians would call it, that the Gnostics talked about in the texts. Well, that demiurge, and those archons, those djinn and those reptilians and all the different facets, THEY are the force that the major religions worship as god. It is the Islamic god, it is the Christian god. What big controvery now am I? I've been known to, I don't care. The truth, not a popularity contest is victory. It's the god of Islam, it's the god of Christianity, it's the god of Judaism --Yahweh! That's the demiurge, that's this fake creator, creator? not creator, manipulator of creation that the Gnostics talked about. So, we've got this situation --please tell me it's not true? I'm afraid it is-- But it doesn't have to be, just change it, and then it's gone. 

But, this "unseen network," that the Gnostics talked about, all these people talk about, this "unseen network" have created this conspiracy this network of human manipulation of politics and business and banking and all the rest of it. And some people, increasingly large numbers of people, fantastic, have started to see that, and challenge it, and are trying to expose it. But, at the same time, they are welded to religions that are worshipping the very force that created what they are trying to expose! (Worshipping unknowingly that "unseen network.")

And, I suggest what we need is, yes to move here (heart level), to open this (the heart area), and let consciousness in, but we also need a blank sheet of paper. A blank sheet of paper that says as a heading: All Preconceived Ideas, over here. All Preconceived Beliefs & Perceptions Of Reality, over here. Now, from this point, what goes on that sheet of paper in terms of my perception of reality comes from information, comes from innate knowing, does it feel right? and comes from, it's standing up on the basis of credible information and intuitive knowing. Now, some of these preconceived beliefs, they might be able to be put back. Maybe, I don't think many will. I don't think any will, really. (lol) But they can be. But they're not there on the sheet of paper dictating reality by reflex action. "That guy tonight, he talks about shape-shifting reptilians, he's mad, it, it's not possible." Uhm, No. You do not believe it's possible, and thus you are dismissing what is absolutely explainable, not because you've researched it, not because you've even looked at it, but because that program which is dictating your sense of reality, cannot encompass it. Thus, people say to me, and I've said to many people in this arena when the actions of these families have been exposed: "They'd never do that."  "No mate. You, would never do that. They would, and are, every day."

I've said this to television interviewers in the mainstream, and they are like: "blah blah, rubbish" And I said, "Well, I've been to 55 countries, many of them many times, I've researched this full time for 22 years. How much research have you done on this subject?" Zilch. But, it's different, it's outside of their perception of possibility, so it's dismissed. And this blank sheet of paper lets anything in, so long as it justifies its place on the paper. And when you do that with an open mind, you don't say "I'm a christian so I don't criticize christianity." You say, "I'm going to look at christianity at what I've believed up to this point, from a detached perspective, and see if it stands up. I know a guy in America who set out, many decades now, he was a real avid christian, and he set out to prove the christian story was true, that Jesus existed, and all this stuff. And very soon after this, as he started, "I'm going to show it," of course what he realized very quickly is the evidence is all the other way, and he became a conspiracy researcher, because then he's going, "well, if I've been duped on this, what else am I being duped on?" And then, you know, the dominos start to fall and you start to see the greater conspiracy. But he had an open mind enough to see that when the information was going in a certain direction, he was willing to go with it. But a lot of people that are welded to religions, they don't want to look at the information.

And you know, you can be a religious believer and you can go to the five-sense level of the conspiracy because you can say it's Satan, and Jesus is coming, and it's Armegeddon, it's the end times and all that stuff. You can do all that from a Christian perspective. But you aren't going to get in the rabbit hole. To do that, all those belief systems have to go, because they are there to censor the True Self.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you David, that's amazing and a lot of information and a lot to think about, but the important thing is not to think, but to feel...

David: To know.

Interviewer:...and we all have the ability, and the, what humans have, we can change it because we can create, which the others can't. 

David: Yes, so they create through us. And the difference is, and the way to turn this around is to, instead of having our sense of reality manifest as our experienced reality by external forces manipulating our sense of reality, which becomes our experienced reality, we get rid of that influence, and OUR UNIQUE perception of reality becomes OUR UNIQUE EXPERIENCE of reality. It's a world worth living in then.



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