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A Classic for Pulling Back Projections

Legacy - A Best Spiritual Awakening Signs Movie
"Just this one movie can change your whole life because it’s so impactful. It shows you have to go into your mind to where the problem seems to be. You can’t keep projecting and seeing the error as if it’s outside of you, as if it’s done to you and you had no part in it. You have to take it all the way back, we’ll say pull back the projection completely, without exception. "

David Hoffmeister
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Tron: Legacy Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment News
This is a classic movie about the authority problem: the idea that we can author ourselves instead of accepting that we are perfect as God created us.
Kevin Flynn is a video game developer who believes he created a digital world in which he is trapped. Fast-forward twenty years and we see Kevin’s son, Sam, looking for his father in the digital world which has degenerated into competition, hatred, and death.
To escape from the world of projection that we made, there has to be willingness to accept divine intervention—the miracle—symbolized in this movie by the character Quorra. While Kevin knows that Quorra holds the key to their release, he still must be willing to step out of his “Zen” comfort zone and acknowledge that his attempt to make a perfect world was a complete and utter failure.
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Tron: Legacy Trailer - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment

     More Great Projection Movies
Identity - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Dropping the Mask, Repression, Deception, Projection, Victimization, Mighty Companions, Face of Innocence, Split mind, Heal Past Associations, Superiority
Excerpt: This movie shows beautifully that there is never a person interacting with another person. It is only personalities interacting with each other, only thoughts. We never really meet anyone in the present moment. We meet everyone with the story of who we think we are and we only interact with our own self-concept in an attempt to “survive.” 
Shutter Island - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Pride, Victimization, Time, Projection, Denial, Deception, Trust, Face of Innocence, Superiority
Excerpt: A refusal to look upon the darkness and what the mind believes it has done leads to a fantasy world of complexity, confusion and sophisticated defense mechanisms. The belief in separation runs so deep that it constantly draws forth witnesses of victimization. Guilt and attack thoughts are projected onto characters and scenarios as a way of keeping them from awareness. Unconscious guilt is like a tape running in the mind, spinning stories as a defense against the truth.
Memento - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Guilt, Injustice, Deception, Projection, Dare to Take Step
Excerpt: Deep within our mind lies a horrific thought. It tells of the destruction of Heaven, and the usurping of God’s eternal Love for fear, guilt and death. This is the only reason we do not feel at peace. The world we behold is but a projection of the betrayal we believe as real. We race on, determined not to remember, and our daily judgments uphold our cover-up. What a silly game we are playing when we believe in the impossible and hide from reality by thinking we are what we are not. The eternal glory of Heaven awaits us! 
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Movie Clip: How to Let Go of Projections

A Beautiful Mind Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment

John Nash has a powerful mind. Although bordering on genius in terms of his intellect, John sees people who are not really there—hallucinations. As John’s delusions and paranoia grow, he is forced to face the reality that he cannot discern between truth and reality. Watch this powerful clip from the movie A Beautiful Mind on the vigilance and mind training John must employ to disempower his projections.
YouTube: Dreams are Wish Fulfillment

Wizard of Oz - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThis world is a projection and has no substance. Nighttime dreams are no different than daytime experiences; they’re all dreams. And all dreams are wish fulfillment. Nothing perceived through the five senses has any semblance to reality.
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Mind is the cause of everything. Being in the sleeping mind, only the ego thought system, the projector, is active. The Holy Spirit, although always present in the mind, is unheeded and forgotten. Spirit is like the light before it goes through the film in the projector. Seeing itself as the agent of the separation, the ego is filled with intolerable amounts of fear. In an attempt at control, it projects fearful thoughts as images onto the screen of the world. Ego confuses the mind about cause (content) and effect (form) by drawing all its attention from the mind to the images on the screen (form).
The point of healing is the release of the illusory lens of fragmentation. The Holy Spirit supports this release by using time to teach there is no time, and symbols to teach a unified perspective in which symbols are no longer necessary. Thus forgiveness is more accurately the unlearning of everything one knows about the world than learning in the sense of accumulating skills and abilities in the world.
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Take Me Home - Documentary Teaser Trailer
Our movie team assembled in the Living Miracles Monastery on April 21st. Each one of us shared the prayer of our hearts on that day. Deepened trust, transparency and a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit are our shared goals for this documentary project during the Tabula Rasa Mystery School in May.
Many healings and miracles happened with the team because of the devotion to our shared purpose of forgiveness. From the choice of equipment to the scenes that were to be captured, everything was decided based on the guidance of the Spirit.
The “I know” mind was let go of. Past experiences gave way to present guidance. Judgment, attack thoughts and emotions were expressed and released. With trust and transparency, we allowed each other into our hearts and collaborated on a deeply intimate level. And we had fun!
Now is a phase of going through the footage and allowing the Spirit to touch me through the footage He wants to select. Waves of gratitude wash over me as I fall in love over and over again with the ones showing up on the screen.
I am grateful for the inspiration that sustained me and the whole team, and for every moment that is fully lived in passion.
Hope you enjoy our teaser trailer!
With Love, Frances
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