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OtherLife with David - A Best Spiritual Awakening Signs Movie
"We can think that there’s a distinction between what we imagine or fantasize and what is actually happening. But what is actually happening and what we imagine or fantasize are identical. So this whole cosmos is fantasy. This is a fantasy trip!

David Hoffmeister
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     MWGE Movie Review Excerpt
OtherLife Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsThe sole purpose of this virtual world is to rediscover our true connection with God and to realize that we are really one Self. Any other purpose will only bind us to this world and delay our awareness of Heaven.

The main character Ren must collaborate with mighty companions in order to expose any private thoughts and clearly look at the purpose of what her virtual reality program, OtherLife, is being used for. By undergoing solitary confinement through scripted virtual memories, Ren is given an opportunity to question beliefs in the mind and to reach the state where she sees that she's the dreamer of the dream.

Discernment is needed on the path of awakening. The difference between the Holy Spirit and ego motives can be discerned through the application of the right use of judgment, which is how one feels. By using the power of the mind, Ren sees the unreality of what she is experiencing and collapses time to awaken from the dream. 

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OtherLife Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsThe first step in awakening is knowing you made the world up. That knowing takes the mind out of a sense of victimization, of being mistreated by something outside of itself, which is the whole ego trick.

When the mind falls asleep and projects an external world, then it is bent on finding personal freedom. But we have to come to realize that, as Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix, the matrix is a prison for your mind. It’s the mind that’s in slavery. The mind is extremely powerful, and yet when it’s given over to this crazy, mad idea of an external world, then there's this virtual reality experience that seems to be perceptual rather than abstract love and light. 

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OtherLife After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsRen felt hurt about her brother being in a coma. If you go deeper with that feeling, it's a fear of loss. The mind that falls asleep and dreams of a separate world has a very deep hurt in the mind. This belief in loss often shows up as a relationship that seems to end. Sadness is always based on a deeper belief that you can lose your connection with God. The thought of losing the connection with God was so painful that it was pushed way out of awareness into the subconscious. Jesus tells us in the Course that it's not really true that we have separated from Source. Coming back to this remembrance is what the spiritual journey is all about.
     More Great Virtual Reality Movies
The Thirteenth Floor - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
Emotions/Themes: Forgiveness, False Perception, Deception, Denial, Intellectualization, Projection, Wake-Up Call, Face of Innocence
MWGE Excerpt: This film provides another great opportunity to see beyond the virtual reality made up by the ego. In seeming realm after realm, the images and characters seem to be very real, yet they but represent the inventions, wishes, and desires of the ego acted out in form. As it dawns in awareness that none of the scenarios are real, this realization beckons the question: Then what is the point? Forgiveness of illusions is the point! 
Gamer -
Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Pain and Pleasure, Sex, Deception, Transcending Roles, Anger, Addiction, Temptation, Discover True Identity, Split Mind

MWGE Excerpt: The game of the ego is to make us think we need something from the outside to fulfill us. In this movie, there are two games to play: one is the society game and one is the war game. The society game uses sex, fun and physical appearance for pleasure and the war game uses killing for pleasure. In both games, the bodies are on the strings of the ego. The bodies are hooked up to the ego and it is telling them what to do and what to say. The ego will tell you that there is a prize at the end of the game, but there never is. It is just a loop. You cannot win.
Artificial Intelligence - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Jealousy, Abandonment, Present Moment, Innocence, Dare to Take Step, Family, Dropping the Mask, Prayer, Power of Thought
MWGE Excerpt: This is a futuristic story of love that extends beyond biology, machines and technology. It illustrates a search for the real love that is in everyone’s heart. In form, many issues arise that seem to obscure Eternal Love; abandonment and rejection are common feelings that block the Light. Yet Love prevails, and the witnesses to Love are beheld with the heart open and ready to receive.
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The Whole Cosmos is Virtual Reality,
Where Thoughts Appear as Images

Virtual Reality Spreaker - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
In this audio, David explores the topic of virtual reality as it relates to experiencing the world. If this world is a simulation, a world generated by subconscious beliefs and thoughts, what is the escape to reality?

David explains that guidance or intuition is the key to the steps to awakening from the simulation called the time-space cosmos. Using references to modern-day awakening movies, the context is given for receiving the necessary instructions to escape the matrix. Because until the mind has a clue that it is dreaming a world of unreality, it will not have a reason to search the mind to find the escape.
Gamer - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Virtual Reality Movies Mirror
Themes on Spiritual Journey
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In the movie Gamer, the main character is in this violent video game. He has a faint memory of love that keeps him going because it is very difficult for him in this game. It is a parallel to this world where when you forget it is a game, it gets exhausting, repetitive, and heavy. You know that it is not reality, but there is no direct contact with reality so the frustration is there, the guilt. There is a tension with forgetting it is a game, and then you try to play out the game, to play a perfect game, or to be a good game player.
The game seems to start because there is an attempt to escape from fear. Underneath that escape from fear is a huge fear of love, divine love, which is pushed way out of awareness. So the main character in Gamer is going to need a lot of determination, collaboration and mighty companions to get out of the game. And in this way, his journey is spiritual in the sense that he is seeking the love under all the darkness.
Miracle Movie Gatherings - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment

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