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Experiencing the Quantum

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"No one can really tell you what quantum is, you actually have to have an experience to really get it in your heart. So that’s what we’re going to aim for in watching this movie together—a mind-blowing experience."

David Hoffmeister
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   MWGE Movie Review Excerpt
Next Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsWhat if everything that seemed to play out was just hypothetical? What if every potential possibility could be seen and the mind could zoom in and select which scenario to play out? Chris Johnson has a psychic ability that allows him to do this and yet, without any real sense of purpose, his life is one of hiding and pretense. Through attraction and a guided relationship Chris opens up to seeing that through joining he can go beyond his fears and expand his perception and abilities.

No matter how many ways we look at trying to change the future, we must find out that only a change of purpose is the answer. The whole world is hypothetical, and when this is seen there is surrender. The script is written, and there is no point in trying to figure it all out. Just rest and join with your brother to end the past. It is all forgiven, and at any point you can choose again for the plan of the Spirit.
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Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsWhen you're thinking about the future and imagining possible outcomes, those are hypotheticals. To have hypotheticals, you have to have linear time and you have to have cause and effect apart as if there are these real scenarios that happened in the past and real possibilities that might happen in the future. It’s like a cobweb of lies that the ego has set up. A Course in Miracles teaches that cause and effect are together and not apart. It means that all of time is happening at the same time. Talk about a mind-bender. 
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What the
Bleep - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Quantum Physics, Victimization, Heal Past Associations, Real Sight, Discover True Identity, Time, Awareness of Dreaming
MWGE Excerpt: This movie shows that everything is connected, everything is thought. Everything you perceive is the result of your thoughts. Amanda goes from frustration to the realization that it is her thoughts that are producing the entire world she perceives. Once you realize this you are no longer at the mercy of the world. You can find happiness within your own heart because you are not dependent on the world; it is dependent on you. 
Lucy -
Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Awakening, Holy relationship, Time, Mighty companions, The Script is Written, Real Sight, Awareness of Dreaming, Quantum Physics, Present Moment, No People Pleasingness, Unworthiness
MWGE Excerpt: Who you are is from before time was. Time is a concept made to measure and therefore “give reality” to man’s existence within an illusion. Matter is held together by thought and the belief in (and the need for) a bodily identity.
Interstellar - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Emotions/Themes: Trust, Doubt, Purpose, Mighty companions, Quantum Physics, Time

MWGE Excerpt: This is a powerful quantum physics movie about answering the call to awaken. It takes you on a mind-bender through time and space, to see that ultimately it is all mind, that we’ve only ever been communicating with ourselves, and that Spirit will use everything that we seem to believe in to reach us.
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Hypothetical Thinking is a Torture Device to Keep the Mind From the Present Moment

Dropping the Mask YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment News
"What if...?" Do you ever find yourself asking hypothetical questions? In this session, ACIM teacher David Hoffmeister reminds us there is no future or past. There is only now. Future and past only exist as concepts in the imagination.

Hypothetical thinking is a torture device. Its main purpose is to keep the mind in the past or future. The whole journey to peace of Mind is to realize nothing could be different than how it is. All things work together for good. The script is written; therefore we can accept all things as they are. Once we do that, we are automatically connected with our inner guide. 
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A Great Hypothetical Example—In 2 Minutes
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(In the movie, Chris looks ahead to the future to see  what happens if he speaks to the FBI agent when she comes to his home to ask for his help. He leaves before she arrives, to avoid a meeting.)
That was a good example of a hypothetical. There is a two minute window where he is saying “I want to see why she is here.” So, not only do we hear her play out all her thoughts, in the hypothetical two minutes, but we also get to hear him play out his thoughts. We hear his distrust of those people who tried to test him, help him. “Really, don’t mess with me. I’m already feeling strange with this psychic ability. I don’t feel loved, and I don’t want to have anything to do with your game, whatever it is. Even if, as you are saying, it is to save lives.” He is so burned out from feeling so poked and tested for so many years. Those were good examples of hypotheticals.
We got to see the train hitting the car; a quick hypothetical. Then we got a little longer glimpse into hypotheticals with his window into the conversation with the FBI agent. We’ll come back to this point, because everything is hypotheticals. It’s just that the mind is convinced that certain things are actually happening. Then there are certain things that you can just think about, and call them what you will; fantasies or “it was just my imagination running away with me”. That would be, running away with my spirit. Or covering over my spirit with all this imagination. So basically, the mind is asleep and is believing in all these hypotheticals. It believes that what it sees around it is actually happening. The Holy Spirit had got to show the mind that it is all hypotheticals. That none of it is actual. ~ David Hoffmeister
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At MWGE, we take a mystical approach to movie-watching. We use movies solely to practice watching our emotions, noticing our thoughts, and staying attentive to the Holy Spirit's interpretation of each scene. In this way, we experience great healing in mind, get better at practicing forgiveness, and have loads of fun doing it!
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Upcoming Online Retreat Will Take You Into the Vastness and Magnitude of a Life of Mysticism
the Mystic online retreat
David Hoffmeister and friends will once again be hosting an online retreat in September. Join us for a full weekend as we explore another life-changing theme!

The life of mysticism is as spontaneous and playful as it is serene and tranquil. Alive and energized by the living moment, the need for rituals and rules and structure falls away from the mind. Mysticism learns mastery through love and compassion and kindness, and every day is like a painting full of opportunities to extend the love of God.

Mysticism is not ruled by fear of consequences. The law of love reigns supremely in divine mind, and there is no other. Love is without opposite, and this fact is finally approached and accepted without exception or compromise. In the awakening, it becomes clear that doubt is impossible. To see the full article, you can click here

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