Duotone Dice Vs the Rebel kiteboarding Kites

A comprehensive review of the 2020 Duotone Rebel and the Duotone Dice. READ MORE HERE:

Duotone Dice Vs the Rebel

The Duotone Dice and Rebel are two kites that are completely different in design, on the water and in their approach to the different disciplines. There are aspects that cross over, leaving people confused on which kite is right for them, like big air, high performance and a "rip you off the water" feel. In 2020 the Dice has some re-designs while, aside from material changes, the Rebel is the same.
Rather than doing reviews, I thought it would be more valuable to cover the changes... all the differences and our experiences on theses kites. Let's start with what the kites are.
A comparison of the Duotone Rebel and the Dice

Kites at a Glance

The Rebel
The Rebel is a modern take on a classic design. It's suited for kiteboarders who want massive air, greatest hangtime and ease of use... all this while not compromising on high performance or a crisp, rip-you-off-the-water feel. Now, don't be mistaken, the Rebel does not do it all. It's a specialized kite designed for a specific purpose. There are things that you give up. In contrast, the Dice excels at these trade-offs, making the choice between these kites pretty clear if you know what you want on the water.
The Dice
The Dice is what's known as a crossover freestyle kite. If you've followed this series for a while, you know I'm a big fan of this category. It has many of the same benefits of the Rebel, but it requires more skill to use. You lose some desirable traits like loft but, all in all, this is a far more versatile kite.
The Duotone Rebel Rides Upwind Better 



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