Mass Arrests & Executions #DraintheSwamp

A list of 81 names of famous people who have been arrested or executed for crimes against humanity.

We present to you the list of the 81 names of famous, political, actors, singers who served the Deep State, but many of them have been arrested and have already been executed. We have told you in previous articles, but also in videos, that many of those who committed horrific crimes against humanity will be arrested. Of course, many of you thought we were writing and saying inaccuracies by spreading false news. Because this issue with the arrests is serious and we know that there is a "war" against Trump by the systemic media, which have taken a lot of money to intimidate the world with issues such as covid-19, vaccines, fines and all the negatives now to keep the world in a negative, we also take care to give you the right information.

Michelle Obama, or Big Mike, This is when special agents take him out of the house to take him to jail.   He was arrested a few days after Barack Obama's execution.

Meghan McCain admits that her father was executed!
She also comments that you can't kill him again.

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Published April 10, 2021 

Wanna go down an insane inter-dimensional rabbit hole? (Part I)

(u/Downvotedcomment_ is the original creator/poster of this work, I’m reposting so this doesn’t go unnoticed)
Ok so let’s jump into this inter-dimensional rabbit hole.
First let's start with the ultimate claims of this rabbit hole so we know what we are diving into.
David Icke was the first person that I heard make the claim that the satanic pedophilies running the world are serving something immaterial or metaphysical. Icke claims that the immaterial god/beings that they serve feed off of dark energy which is most proficiently produced through negative human emotion.
Ok so ya whatever a lifetime conspiracy theorist makes some outlandish claims, what’s the big deal? However, I was still so goddamn curious as to why these powerful elite were so religious, like there can't be nothing legitimate behind all these rituals, killings, symbolism etc. So even though I knew Icke’s claims sounded crazy they were the only ideas that seemed to offer a potential answer to my questions.
So I started looking deeper, started to look for other people making these claims. I specifically focused on whistleblowers because for something this sci-fi sounding I needed something legit. After hours of listening/reading various types of testimony against shadow governments and pedophilic elite I finally came across Ronald Bernard. He was a higher up in the financial industry who most of you know from this viral video where he reveals inner illuminati-serving circles performing child sacrifice in the name of Lucifer. This video was a “part 1” of a five part confession by this man Ronald Bernard. I finally came across this video. Bingo. Not only does he state that there is an out-of-dimension force which is the source of this entire thing, but he explains that they are constantly feeding off of this dark energy to this day. In this interview, Bernard expands on this idea greatly in-depth I highly recommend for anyone who is still taking me seriously at this point.

  • Ok so now that we understand the ultimate claim of this inter-dimensional rabbit hole, let's try to back it up in with some reality.
A quote from: Bernard Carr is a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the Queen Mary University of London. He studied under Stephen Hawking and earned his doctorate at Cambridge.
***“***Our consciousness interacts with another dimension. Our physical sensors only show us a 3-dimensional universe… What exists in the higher dimensions are entities we cannot touch with our physical sensors.’- Professor Bernard Carr
-This CIA document goes in-depth into the idea that human beings are just a temporary 'space suite' for your consciousness and that we can interact with entities outside of our space-time dimension
I go into way further detail about the CIA, conciseness relating to quantum mechanics, the holographic theory etc. in these two posts:

-Carr’s and the CIA’s claims here are specifically derived from the quantum mechanics theory called the holographic theory. Which I will further elaborate here:
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein
Einstein was the first physicist to say that Planck's discovery of the quantum (hwould require a rewriting of the laws of physics
"Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the 'afterglow' of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe -- in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation of these irregularities using the theory of cosmic inflation"
"The universe could turn out to be a “vast and complex hologram”, meaning that life in 3D is an illusion, astrophysicists have said. Researchers from the University of Southampton, working with colleagues from Canada and Italy, say they have found substantial evidence of a holographic universe – an idea first suggested in the 1990s".
What is the structure of space and time? Has time a beginning or the Universe has always existed? These are some of the questions that concerned humans since ancient times. In the first moments of the Universe, the entire Universe was “compressed” into such a small space that only a quantum theory of gravity could describe it. Theoretical research in quantum gravity in the last 20 years has given evidence that the Universe is holographic, meaning that at a fundamental level the Universe is two-dimensional (plus the time) and the extra dimension (and gravity) is the result of the dynamic theory. The purpose of my recent work has been to look for observational evidence of holography in the primordial cosmic radiation. This radiation comes from the first moments of the Universe and its structure contains information about the laws of nature in the primordial Universe. We found that all the observations can be explained by a holographic model and that the observational data is equally compatible with both the new holographic model and the standard model of cosmology” Professor Skenderis said at ellines.com
"We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light. And the modern science of photobiology … is presently proving this. In terms of healing the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” ~ Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, The International Institute of Biophysics

  • Ok so now we see that it is a legitimate scientific contention that our consciousness is capable of transcending the space-time dimension. What do these ideas imply?
Assume for now that everything you have read thus far is 100% non-debatable reality. We are all metaphysical beings experiencing an artificial time-space reality, and our material bodies are really nothing. We are all capable of manifesting both light energy and dark energy which profoundly affects our metaphysical “bodies” or spirits.
Ok, now realize that the world we are in, which is materially-controlled by 8,000-8,500 people, is systematically designed to create as much misery, death (negative emotion) as possible as long as it stays under the illusion of a free world. Think of it, these higher ups have bought-out and rigged every influential governmental/private entity so that wars could be artificially instigated, and children can be freely systematically trafficked internationally to be killed and raped. Are any of you actually surprised that the people who are at the top of this all and call all of these inhumane shots are actually worshiping Lucifer and practice satanic rituals? Like no shit they are serving an immaterial evil force
Now check out this quote from Ronald Bernard's viral video:
“And then you can say religion is a fairytale, God doesn't exist, none of that is real. Well for these people it is truth and reality, and they served something immaterial, what they called Lucifer”- Ronald Bernard

  1. Obviously the people who materially run our world are focused on manifesting as much of this dark energy as possible to serve Lucifer, but where did these ideas come from?
Just think about mainstream religions today and how little role they play in the life of the masses. What’s different about the Luciferian religion? How does it continue to convince the most powerful and educated people in the world to worship and serve an immaterial force when mainstream religions continue to become more and more mockable in public discourse.
After deeply researching the history and reading about emergences of many religions, I think I came up with an answer. All of the mainstream religions that we see practiced today were previously watered-down and altered by ancient elite intelligentsia who believed the masses could not be given the entirety of the actual truth. So you may be wondering what I mean by ‘watered-down’.... watered down from what? They have been watered-down from the understanding of the metaphysical reality and capabilities of man. Here I will painstakingly try and explain:
Amongst the ancients, knowledge was only transmitted to men whose worth had been proved by a series of tests. This transmittal took place in the temples, under the name of mysteries, and the adept assumed the title of priest or Initiate. This science was therefore secret or occult, and thus originated the name of occult science, given by our contemporaries to the ancient synthesis.”
Consider the fact that:
Among the ancients, philosophy, science, and religion were never considered as separate units: each was regarded as an integral part of the whole. Philosophy was scientific and religious; science was philosophical and religious I religion was philosophic and scientific. Perfect wisdom was considered unattainable save as the result of harmonizing all three of these expressions of mental and moral activity.”
...It becomes obvious that throughout large parts of human history, a very very small minority of elite individuals retained total control over the research and understanding of the most fundamental fields of studies regarding human nature.
However, when the Initiates found that a time was approaching when these doctrines might be lost to humanity, they made strenuous efforts to ensure the passing down of this knowledge through future generations. Three great methods were used for this purpose--
1. Secret societies, a direct continuation of the Mysteries**;**
2. The cultus, a symbolic translation of the higher doctrines, for the use of the people;
(Cultus=a system or variety of religious worship)
3. Lastly, the people itself became the unconscious depository of the doctrine.
MAIN IDEA: The ancients studying these exclusive and profound knowledge of philosophy, science, and religion purposely and systematically diluted the information they chose to pass down to the masses. By doing this, they have made an ongoing elite "sector" of knowledge which we continue to suffer from.
They only allowed this knowledge to be passed down through elite secret societies; or on the other hand to be watered-down and manipulated by ancient priests to appease to the ignorant masses in different countries. (See point 2 above)
Key takeaway: The masses are still actively being kept ignorant of the true metaphysical nature of the universe. This massive knowledge gap explains the existence and need for secret societies amongst the elite. 14 US Presidents were Freemasons

2. Note that, every cultus has its tradition, its book, its Bible, which teach those who know how to read them the unity of all creeds, in spite of the difference existing in the ritual of various cultures
Sepher Bereschit of Moses is the Jewish Bible,
Apocalypse and the Esoteric Gospels form the Christian Bible
Legend of Hiram is the Bible of Freemasonry
Odyssey the Bible of the so-called polytheism of Greece
ร†neid that of Rome
Hindu Vedas
Mussulman Koran
Info and Quotes from Secret Teachings of all the Ages
-----“To any one possessing the key, all these Bibles reveal the same doctrine*; but this key, which can open Esoterism, is lost by the sectarians of our Western creeds.”*
-------“Every priest of an ancient creed was one of the Initiates, that is to say, he knew perfectly well that only one religion existed, and that the cultus merely served to translate this religion to the different nations according to their particular temperaments.:”
Key takeaway: Luciferiansim was directly derived from this original universal doctrine, crafting its spiritual outlook of the world along the proper lines, unlike the artificially structured religions practiced today.

3. Ok, so now we know that all of the various religions today were derived from an ancient form of knowledge which has been hidden from the masses forever. But what exactly is this secret knowledge?
When Alexander the Great built the city of Alexandria in Egypt, with the intention of making it the seat of his empire, he invited learned men from all nations, who brought with them their peculiar notions. The Alexandria School of Philosophy which was thus established, by the commingling of Orientalists, Jews, Egyptians, and Greeks, became eclectic in character, and exhibited a heterogeneous mixture of the opinions of the Egyptian priests, of the Jewish Rabbis, of Arabic teachers, and of the disciples of Plato and Pythagoras. From this school we derive Gnosticism and the Kabbala], and, above all, the system of symbolism and allegory which lay at the foundation of the Masonic philosophy*.*
  • The school of Alexandria was the principal source from which the secret societies of the West arose.
  • The Gnostic sects, the Arabs, Alchemists, Templars, Rosicrucians, and lastly the Freemasons, form the Western chain in the transmission of occult science.

4. Now that we know Gnosticism is the hidden knowledge which inspired secret societies in the west, let's take a look at a some of them and see what they believe.

“The first step is the study of the invisible Worlds. These Worlds are invisible to the majority of people because of the dormancy of the finer and higher senses whereby they may be perceived, in the same way that the Physical World about us is perceived through the physical senses. The majority of people are on a similar footing in regard to the superphysical Worlds as the man who is born blind is to our world of sense; although light and color are all about him, he is unable to see them. To him they are non-existent and incomprehensible, simply because he lacks the sense of sight wherewith to perceive them. Objects he can”
“The Mason views life seriously, realizing that every wasted moment is a lost opportunity, and that Omnipotence is gained only through earnestness and endeavor. Above all other relationships he recognizes the universal brotherhood of every living thing*. The symbol of the clasped hands, explained in the Lodge, reflects his attitude towards all the world, for he is the comrade of all created things.* He realizes also that his spirit is a glowing, gleaming jewel which he must enshrine within a holy temple built by the labor of his hands, the meditation of his heart, and the aspiration of his soul.
“The leading Masonic scholars of all times have agreed that the symbols of the Fraternity are susceptible of the most profound interpretation and thus reveal to the truly initiated certain secrets concerning the spiritual realities of life*.:*
Templar spirituality is characterized by reverence of the “Divine Feminine” aspect of God, individual daily prayer, frequent spiritual meditation, including with vocal chanting, esoteric “energy work” as spiritual alchemy involving “Chakras”, and “metaphysical science” exploring spiritual energies.
5. Obviously the main tenet of all of these secret societies is the emphasis-on and full-belief of both the metaphysical, and spiritual reality of nature.
TLDR: Let's do a recap because I know part I a lot. Evil, yet very religious and spiritual people, run and control everything on earth. They worship and dedicate their life to an immaterial spiritual force called Lucifer. Our society is entirely structured and manipulated by these Luciferians so that it serves their religion most effectively. All modern religion is a watered-down manipulated version of the ancient elite ruling class’s entire knowledge of humanity; we are fed the same shit they trusted the peasant’s with. This ancient secret knowledge, which reveals that man is more than a material being, has inspired all of the elite and influential secret societies in the west today.

Wanna go down an inter-dimensional rabbit hole? Part II: will tie this all together by examining the ancient spiritual origins of evil and the history of it ever since. All of the ancient texts which I have shown you this far only talk about metaphysics and spirituality in their original sense which focuses on light and positive energy manifestation. This next post will talk about how/why the most powerful people on the planet chose to adhere to spiritual principles in the opposite manner, evil. What do they gain, why is Lucifer their god of choice, how deep does this go? Check my posts.



Out of Shadows Documentary from Alexander Baraona on Vimeo.

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

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DEEP STATE If you’re just awakening I welcome you. Glad to see you join us to take our freedom back. The Deep State hopes we don’t realize our power in numbers. Please help me and others to prove to them we are not ๐Ÿ‘ and that we do not consent. Not to the slavery, not to the abuse of children, not to the breeding, not to the trafficking, not to the cannibalism, none of it. They keep thinking we will continue to listen to the media they pay for and that we will remain zombies. We won’t. Thanks to people like you waking up and joining the revolution, we won’t. Please stand up and walk on this road with us, a road dark at the moment but worth it for our and our children’s sovereignty. Thank you thank you thank you for joining the good fight. It was lonely before people started waking from the slumber. I mean they threw everything at us. A virus they engineered (something they’ve done before, for a virus to be patented, it has to be influenced by man, look up the patented viruses through out our history). Then there were the race wars. Then they are literally trying to kill us we “medicine”(vaccines), mind you who did they say they want to vaccinate first? Then there were the killer hornets!?? Wasn’t there something about modified mosquitos coming out now? I mean, they’re not even subtle. I’m so glad you are no longer brain washed. Welcome welcome welcome. Where we go one we go all. ✊๐Ÿป✊๐Ÿผ✊๐Ÿฝ✊๐Ÿพ✊๐Ÿฟ . #freedom #sovereignty #peace #truth #justice #waronpedophilia #pedogate #savethechildren #revolution #matrix #OPFreedom #adrenochrome #operationwakehumanity
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