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An Open Letter To Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri

Dear Senator Hawley,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Missouri and a supporter of One Voice Now, a grassroots movement that aims to give a voice to the people of our community by establishing the communication technology that allows them to participate and have a continuous voice on governmental, political, and community issues¹. 1 http://onevoicenow.org/

OneVoiceNow.org proposes a system where local citizens can raise issues, debate them, and vote on them using their television, radio, internet, and phone. The system would randomly select ten people every week to present their ideas to the community, and then allow the community to vote on them using a secure and verified computer system¹. This way, the people can have a direct say in the decisions that affect their lives, instead of relying on politicians who may not represent their interests or values.

I believe that this system would be beneficial for our democracy, as it would increase civic engagement, education, and accountability. It would also foster a sense of community and cooperation among the people, as they would have to work together to solve their common problems. It would also reduce the influence of special interests, lobbyists, and corruption in politics, as the people would have the power to decide what is best for them.

I know that you are a strong advocate for the rights and freedoms of the American people, and that you have been critical of Big Tech, China, and the federal government for undermining our sovereignty and security. I respect your courage and conviction in standing up for what you believe in, even when you face opposition and criticism from your colleagues and the media. I also appreciate your efforts to provide aid to the victims of nuclear contamination in Missouri.

That is why I urge you to support OneVoiceNow.org and its vision of empowering the people through technology. I think that this system would align with your principles and values, and that it would help you serve your constituents better. I think that this system would also be popular among the people of Missouri, who are tired of being ignored or manipulated by the political establishment.

Please consider endorsing OneVoiceNow.org and helping us spread the word about this innovative and democratic idea. You can learn more about it by visiting their website or watching their videos. You can also contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope to hear from you soon.


Buddy Huggins


One Voice Now: A New System of Communication and Voting for the People

http://www.OneVoiceNow.org website, Explains utilizing established public TV stations to voting on local issues. See This Video - https://youtu.be/_Q-tOtzd5cs
OneVoiceNow.org is a website that promotes a new way of democracy and communication in the digital age. It proposes a system where every citizen can have a voice and a vote on local issues, using their TV and phone. The website explains how this system works, what are the benefits and challenges, and how to start a One Voice Now Coalition in your community. The website also features videos, articles, and a book that explore the concept of One Voice Now and its potential to transform public media and voting. In this video, you will learn more about OneVoiceNow.org and its vision of empowering the people to solve the problems of today and make the world a better place for the children of tomorrow. You will also hear from David Frank, the founder of One Voice Now and the author of the book "300 Million Minds: Changing America Piece by Peace". He will share his insights and experiences on how to use technology to create a more direct and participatory democracy. If you are interested in learning more about OneVoiceNow.org and how you can get involved, please visit their website [here](^1^) or follow them on [Facebook](^4^). You can also contact them by email or phone, which are listed on their [contact page](^2^). And don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos on One Voice Now and other topics related to democracy, media, and social change. Thank you for watching. 😊 Source: Conversation with Bing, 9/16/2023 (1) Please Start A "One Voice Now Coalition" In Your Community. http://onevoicenow.org/.
(2) OneVoiceNow.org | ENOUGH TALK IT'S TIME FOR A SOLUTION ~~~ OneVoiceNow .... https://www.facebook.com/Angry-Soccer-Mom-1823022671266257/videos/onevoicenoworg/2087709198130935/.
(3) Contact Us - Please Start A "One Voice Now Coalition" In Your Community. http://onevoicenow.org/contact-us.
(4) VIDEO — Please Start A "One Voice Now Coalition" In Your Community. http://onevoicenow.org/video.


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