Heal Yourself With Your Words and Reverse Aging

Heal Yourself With Your Words and Reverse Aging
Words can save a life, they can free a soul, and they can bring happiness to one's day, never underestimate the healing power of words. Use them to bring happiness to someone's life, love to someone close to you and use them to educate your mind, use them to write, to speak and to find your peace within. Words heal.

"It is a knowing that I was given. My mind became still. So still, that I was able to see without my eyes. I started to see with 
my heart.  It was then that I began forgiving. I forgave myself, for not knowing that I was the one, The only one that had ever hurt me my whole life. I could see that I had never been a victim. So, within that instance I was able to collapse time. Somehow, 
I was given the gift to time travel in my own life and heal it. This only lasted for a short time. 

I am so blessed to have had this happen to me. If this has happened to me it can happen to you or anyone that can hear these words. My Awakening happened the night that I had reached the end of me, I was ready to leave this world. But instead of taking my own life I was given life. 

August 17th 2003, I awoke with my mind still, I was able to start living my life knowing there is no time, there is only this present moment, and realized that we become what we say we are."

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