Larry Ballard author of (Liberty Crusade) Book Overview

Hello, Patriots!

I want to just take a couple of minutes here and introduce myself and tell you how this book came to be. I'm Larry Ballard, the author of Liberty Crusade: The Fight to Save the Free World.

The Genesis of This Book

The genesis of this book occurred way back in 1968, when I had a motorcycle accident that resulted in what's known as a near-death experience. At that time, God showed me that the time would come when my hair was salt and pepper (which it is right now) that America would be teetering on the brink of collapse. In 1968, that seemed like an impossibility, but God doesn't lie, and here we are.

God instructed me to spend all those years studying, reading the Bible, reading history, reading anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, etc. He had me travel the world. He had me work for a multitude of companies. So, when the time came, I would have the necessary background and the necessary information to share a message with the world, to open people's eyes, so that we can stand together and we can save this nation. Because if this nation falls, the entire world will lose its freedom.

What's in This Book

So, what's in this book? Very quickly, it:

- Identifies who our common enemy is.
- Tells us that they have an agenda that says America must fall if they're going to usher in their new world order.
- Identifies the endgame of the enemy, and I guarantee you, it is a horrible, horrible agenda that they have.
- And most importantly, once you've gained all that information, the book tells you how we can stand up and defeat that enemy, save America, return America to greatness, make it as great as it's ever been, and even greater.

And in the process, here's what's going to happen. God showed me the end, and here's what it is. God used America to be part of Abraham's covenant. He then used America to spread the gospel around the world. That harvest is now at hand. Those souls are ready, and he is going to use America to harvest those souls. America is going to usher in the greatest revival the world has ever seen. America is not going to fall. America is going to rise. America is going to be as great as it ever was, or even greater.

Now, what's in this book? Nothing enters into this book unless it's part of an agenda that exposes who our enemy is. Basically, what it's about is this: a historical account, a chronological account, of everything that they've done to us, so that you can see the depths of what they've done and how heinous it is. Nothing enters into this book unless it in some way threatens our sovereignty as a nation, unless it divides us, unless it threatens our Constitution and our freedom, unless it drives us into debt, or in other words, if it doesn't in some way insidiously harm America, it has no place in this book. This book is to wake people up, to open their eyes, so that we are empowered to stand and fight and save our nation.

And in the process, we're going to go through some hard times right now, but I can guarantee you, God showed me what the end is, and in the end, we're going to come together as one nation, and we're going to drop on our knees, and we're going to welcome God as we've never done before.

The bottom line is, this is good news, not bad news.

Thank you.


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