This is What I saw on My Bicycle Ride Today - Monday, June 10, 2024

Monday, June 10, 2024 - This is What I saw on My Bicycle Ride Today Embarking on a 30 mile journey through the heart of Ozark, Missouri, I pedaled with purpose and reflection. The day’s ride was more than a physical challenge; it was a spiritual voyage. As I cycled past the Center Point Church of Christ, its sign caught my eye, a reminder to cherish the power of words and the impact they carry. The rolling hills and the vibrant greenery of Christian County served as a backdrop to my contemplation on consciousness and unity. With each turn of the wheel, I felt a deeper connection to the world around me and a commitment to spread positivity and healing energy. Today’s ride was not just a traversal of terrain, but a journey towards inner peace and understanding. BIG Thanks to A&B Cycles Springfield Missouri for helping me over the years! https://www.abcycle.com/ A&B Cycle 3620 South National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65807. (417) 866-2453. #abcycle #abcyclecares #webelieveinbikes #solarpoweredbikeshop #springfieldsbikeshop #cycling #cyclinglife #bike #mtb #bikelife #cyclingphotos #roadbike #cyclist #ciclismo #bicycle #mountainbike #roadcycling #instacycling


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