Josh Hawley Calls for 25th Amendment: Biden’s Fitness for Office Under Fire

In my latest video, I delve into a heated discussion featuring Senator Josh Hawley, who serves on the Judiciary Committee. Senator Hawley raises critical concerns about President Joe Biden’s ability to fulfill his duties and questions why the 25th Amendment hasn’t been invoked. He highlights Biden’s performance in debates and public appearances as evidence of his incapacity, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability and the security of the American people.

The video also includes reactions from other political figures, such as Congresswoman Cori Bush and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who offer their perspectives on Biden’s fitness for office. Additionally, we explore the evolving GOP platform on abortion and its implications for the upcoming election.

Join me as we unpack these pressing issues and consider the potential impact on the nation’s future. Watch the full video here and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Chapters: Introduction - 00:00 Invoking the 25th Amendment - 00:30 Concerns About Biden’s Capability - 01:30 Democratic Party’s Response - 02:30 GOP Platform on Abortion - 03:30 Conclusion - 04:30 Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to get notified of my latest videos. I upload new videos every week about current events and politics. I appreciate your support and feedback. See you in the next video.” 😁👍 #JoshHawley #25thAmendment #BidenFitness #PoliticalDebate #GOP #Democrats #USPolitics #AbortionDebate #JudiciaryCommittee #CurrentEvents Follow us here: Twitter: / https://twitter.com/SenHawleyPress Facebook: / https://www.facebook.com/SenatorHawley/ Instagram: / https://www.instagram.com/senatorhawley/ YouTube: / https://www.youtube.com/@SenatorJoshH... Website: / senatorhawley Website: http://www.hawley.senate.gov http://www.OneVoiceNow.org website, Explains utilizing established public TV stations to voting on local issues. See This Video - https://youtu.be/NjSA0fC2YMI

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