Finding Bliss, through Awakening the Kundalini

Sunday, 04 April 2010 10:32

ArchAngel Raziel:

I AM Finding my Bliss, and Becoming Younger and Younger.
Hear and Read This With an Open Mind.
This is REAL, the Awakening is Real.
One Must Know Who he or she IS.
"I AM" Awaken, to LOVE

Finding Bliss.

Greetings, This is Archangel Raziel.

I would like to talk about Returning to Bliss through Awakening the Kundalini

Nadis are the channels of Kundalini Energy.

The Sushumna Nadi is The Rod running from the crown to the base chakra which begins as Divine Mother and moves with the two serpents of energy up to Beloved God at the crown chakra. The two serpents of energy are a double helix and the represent the Divine Blueprint Body, also known as the Mayaverupa Body. When Divine Mother raises up the Core to the Crown it reaches Beloved God, or All That Is. This is the Alpha and the Omega. This is where Male and Female come together as One Ray of Light. When these two merge together Matter changes to Antimatter. This happens at Zero Point within the body. The 1st 12 dimensions are in Form in the Nebadon Universe. The 13 Dimension is a Formless Universe of Light and we call this process Crossing the 13th Gateway.

In Accessing Bliss we remember our Innermost Spiritual Essence is shuddha-cin-maya-rupa, of the nature of Pure Consciousness, infinite, eternal, undecaying, unborn, and undying. Our bodies are perfect and lack nothing. Eons ago the Anunnaki changed our DNA structure and put implants into our bodies to block our connection to Source. Our bodies are designed to reconnect to Divine Source at Will.

Think of Bliss when Making Love. The Central Core running through the body from the Base to the Crown runs thought the thirteen physical chakras. As you focus your thoughts on the Base chakra this is where Divine Mother begins. In woman it is the area of the Grail, the womb space. In man, this is in the prostate, the beginnings of Creation in this body. As you make love, each partner may focus their attention on pleasing the other partner. For example, the man makes moves which pleases the woman. At the same time, the woman puts her attention on moves which please the man. Each one disconnects from their pleasure and focuses their attention on the pleasure of their partner. As the two climax together, a way to raise the Kundalini energy is to breathe into the heart. Breathe in through the nose and have the deep breathe fall into the heart.

When the climax begins, there are contractions which pull the energy up the Sushumna. As you breathe into your heart, take deep deep breathes. You will feel tingling move away from the womb space and the prostate area, and you will feel it spread to the entire abdomen between the hips. This is when the milk and honey coat the inside of the womb space. This wakes up all the cells and prepares them for Creation. As you take deeper breaths into your heart you will feel the tingling come higher through the energy centers and up into the heart. Once the energy hits the heart, it goes out to the limbs. This feels like the Point of Origin begins in the Base chakra and circles out as the Flower of Life.

This is the Kundalini energy circling out from Zero Point based in Divine Mother, Ewah. Each one of us have Mother in our body and all Creation passes through this. Continue to breathe through the waves of bliss moving through all the nadis up the spine and into the Energy Centers. Now the Bliss moves through the Star Gate in the Third Eye Chakra. At this point take the Light Body out through the Crown chakra and float out to the stars. This is where Goddess merges with Beloved God. Invite your partner to go out of body with you. As you practice this you will learn to be orgasmic in all the energy centers as the Kundalini moves up the Sushumna to the Crown.

It has been a long time since those on Earth have remembered how to be orgasmic in all their cells. There are Ones who have never forgotten and they have continued these practices through the ages.

In each of the Cells of the Body, there is an Organelle called the Mitochondria. The Mitochondria DNA holds the Divine Blue Print. As each one practices increasing ecstatic orgasmic Bliss in all their cells, they increase the melanin in the brain. Melanin is the gold dust. As it increases in amounts stored inside the pituitary gland, then it is ejaculated and pulsed out into the brain by the pineal gland. Thoths Twin Flame, Seshat, has the symbol of the Pineal Gland over her Crown where we pass out of our physical Body and past the 13th Gateway to the Antimatter Universe. Thoth made the energy grids to hold the vibration of Creation of the Nebadon Universe. Written into the Grids were how we All Co-Created this Matter Universe together. His Twin Flame, Seshat held the information about Timelines as they work into the Grids.

By Speaking Life to my DNA, Cells and the Mitochondria cells.
I AM becoming Younger, I am becoming Lighter.
I eat very little food, mostly only food of Light, like Honey.

It is the Kundalini rising in Ascension which changes the Energies of these Grids. As the Energies change some will leave Terra Nova and the old Timelines, as they are incongruent with the Ascension. We are rewriting history and coming back to our Divine Blueprint bodies. As the Divine Blueprint of Earth returns we will see the high energetic structures that were here in Atlantis and Lemuria restructure into this World again. This Grid runs through the Star Gates, the Portals, the Earth Grid, the Pyramids and Mounds of Earth.

~Archangel Raziel

Beth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com

Greetings! This is Metatron.

We begin to understand more about our Crystalline Body Structures:

Fire Letters

The Fire Letters are the basis of the Genetic Code for humans, it is stored in your every cell. This electromagnetic energy is ever changing to bring in higher and higher vibratory rates into your body. When you feel as if your cells are speeding up, you feel the shaking in your body, your body is downloading the new genetic codes which are anchoring in your Crystalline Body. Your body is attracting the silicone and other elements including gold which are the basis of the new body template. The Fire Letters may be arranged in different ways as a Code for the body and your DIVINE BLUEPRINT responds to the new organization of letters as a code, as in a hard drive. The holographic representation acts differently, processes information differently. It is from this One anchors in a body which lives off liquid golden light. This coding is what translates Higher Thoughts and Higher Gifts. These Fire Letters are not arranged in a linear fashion. If you view the Fire Letters, it is like looking at a hologram and it is arranged on many levels interdimensionally all at once. Imagine a fractal beginning at the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. This fractal moves out from that point to Sol, our Sun, to Jupiter, To Mercury and to Sirius, as well as all the Planets, Stars and Suns in our local Galaxy. See this spiral fractal growing smaller and piercing the next dimension where it grows bigger, passes through another Sun, collecting FORCE energy, and spiraling smaller again until it reachers Earth. This fractal which extends all the way back through the Planets and Stars and Suns to Alcyone, filled with resplendent light, then come to Earth and comes right into the crystalline body through the crown. This FORCE energy comes into the brain structures where natural DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is made in the pineal gland. It is here where the Fire Letters are ignited with Force and Love from each Heart Merkaba. The Fire Letters, aside from being formed on many layers at once, also speak in many different languages at once: The Language of Light. This language is heard by the brain, the mitochondria in the cell, the individual atom, the etheric body, the ego mind, the DIVINE BLUEPRINT body, and on and on, each in their own language, transmitting instructions simultaneously and synchronistically which sustain life. By Attuning to HIGHER FIRE LETTER PATTERNS YOU ANCHOR IN YOUR CRYSTALLINE BODY WITH HIGHER GIFTS (SIDDHIS). These are called Key Codes.

Key Codes

In order for the Crystalline Body to anchor in One must key into or Attune to Higher Codes. Using the Language of Light and coding into the 12th Dimension makes it possible to live in a crystalline body in the Lower Dimensional spaces. Each dimensional field has its own light and its own sound field. It is from these light and sound fields holographic representations are made. It is with light and sound atoms are organized to appear as if they are solid structures. Nothing projected in physicality is truly a solid structure. Instead, these are holograms held together vibrationally through light and sound. Accessing Higher Key Codes anchors in informational from higher dimensions into Your Being and allows your DIVINE BLUEPRINT to reflect on to physicality as a Crystalline Structure instead of a carbon based structure. This brings in higher Spiritual aspects and does away with lower aspects such as sex drive through the second chakra and the desire for large amounts of dense food. As you Attune your Body to the 12th Dimensional Blueprint, the Crystalline Body, you are better equipped to Access your Gifts such as teleportation. Imagine it as a download speed on a modem. Higher Attunement means higher light and sound frequencies, means higher abilities. As Earth Mother anchors in the higher frequencies, the higher Key Codes to her DIVINE BLUEPRINT as she anchors in the higher frequencies coming through, especially around high frequency peaks, such as the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse. She is able to then transmit to the Earth Grid the electromagnetic frequencies of Terra Nova. All of the Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Universes, Super Universes and on and on out through the fractal mathematical representation of Key Code patterns carrying THE FORCE , all continue to evolve together higher and higher and higher in a light and sound dance called All That Is. As the mathematical programs of the Fire Letters manifest in Key Codes sequences it expands the Planetary Consciousness and the Individual Consciousness effecting the DNA patterns in the cells manifesting the Crystalline Body template in form.

The Christ Code

The Christ Code is a sacred geomancy which is the pure sentient creative FORCE. It is Source Energy with Love manifesting as a constant throughout All That Is. It is this unquantifiable construct of energy which works in torsion field physics. It is cognition, identity and consciousness. It is what is referred to as Divine Intelligence. Through this state, the Christ Code, a mathematical representation of the fractal, the Cosmos is kept in perpetual balance, eternal stillness, eternal motion, and unending creation. The Creative Source may be termed God. All Creation happens within the confines of totality called God. All That Is holds within it all time matrices and all Universes and nothing is outside of All That Is. The Law of One is a Source Energy reality, a conscious focus of knowing that: “I am All and We are One.” Within the Law of One the Christ Code consciousness acknowledges and interacts with the interrelatedness of ALL LIFE FORMS. God is both manifest and non-manifest simultaneously, and this is the expression from Oneness called Matter and the expression from Oneness called Anti-Matter. As One brings in the Chris Code through our energy centers called the Chakras, the FORCE works through our body resetting the DNA Fire Letters into more and more complex organizations where manifestation occurs at higher levels of Matter and into Anti-Matter. We are able to, by Attuning into the Christ Code, experience the Matter and Anti-Matter Universe through our Crystalline bodies.

I AM learning to Live, On Liquid Light.

Speak life to your Cell, your DNA, your Body. See your self becoming younger, and you will. We are at the Time of Miracles,,, from here to 2012 ,,,, Every thought that you think has its own vibrational frequency.


Living On Liquid Light

With the Crystalline Body fully anchored in One gradually moves into lighter realms. One feels a profound change in their body. It feels like it no longer stomachs dense foods. Lighter foods are chosen, raw foods which contain vast amounts of sunlight in their cells, then we begin to desire micro foods which are filled with more light, they are less dense again. As the Christ Code mathematical expression of Fire Letters change the DNA in our cells, we are then able to move to a lifestyle where we live on liquid light. Special crystalline cells in our skin absorb the sunlight and special crystalline cells in our blood stream capture the sunlight as hemoglobin captures oxygen. Sunlight and this electromagnetic spectrum, result in a split of water molecules. The electrons and protons of the split hydrogen and oxygen are used to form hydros liquid silica which all the cells in the body then use as their fuel. This converts carbons to crystal silicates, and releasing carbon dioxide as a by-product. Cellular processes sustain from the fuel of hydros and carbon-based atomic matter maintaining an optimum state of regenisis, as it continually transmutes carbons to silica maintaining the optimum silica to carbon ratio, characteristic to the environmental level of density in which the Being resides. This may work as a 12D expression in a 5D environment and can be past the 13th Gateway into the Anti-Matter Universe. This is how the body projects into physicality into the Angelic body, the AVATAR Body, and expressions higher and higher into Formless Form.

I AM the I AM, I am ,The Buddha from Mississippi ™ I AM.

Attuning to the Higher Frequencies to Have Access to Higher Expression through the Crystalline Body

Ask Metatron for the anchoring of the communication system of the Language of Light on a conscious basis so that Spirit can communicate directly from all levels of Creation. By doing this, it will help to accelerate the process of moving from installation to activation--and then to the actualization that occurs with every anchoring process. Call Hermes and Buddha to activate the All Seeing Eye of Ra into your body to help Open your Third Eye. This will help your Ascension and help anchor in your higher Siddhis. Call Archangel Michael to pull down any remaining veils, ask for this often. One moves higher into their own Cosmic Ascension by continuously asking for Higher Attunements. The effect of such activations is far beyond the level of the local mind to grasp. Use your intuitive mind as you work with these higher frequencies. It is time now to move into accelerated growth. At some point, these energies will remain with you permanently as they will be by intension anchored in and integrated. At this point, ask for additional training in night school on the Inner Planes. This is available to children and adults and is unlimited and the continued evolution is self perpetuating as a manifestation of Creative Expression in Form.
Beth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com

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