Joe Rogan Talks Nibiru 2012

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Joe Rogan told Ron Paul all about Nibiru and told him about the Awakening of Conciseness. He said A strong cosmic connection exists between each one of us and the All.
We Are Awakening As One.

Joe Rogan said , Watch these videos below, and wake the F@CK UP!


Joe Rogan
Said This Is A MUST SEE Video!
Updated---- Nov 17, 2011

Uploaded by on Jan 13, 2012
There are 3 questions I get asked on a very regular basis:

1. What will happen to those that do not Ascend?
2. What will I experience during the Ascension process?
3. What can I expect life to be like on the 5th Dimension?

So in this video I hope to address these questions to the best of my knowledge.

This Is A Must See !!!
9/11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved
(Names, Connections, Motives)

I LOVE this video,,, it is so cool and has much Truth and Light,,,, pass it on,,,,,, to as many as you feel, only if you feel.

Give $5.00 to $25.00 if you feel to help them out.
You are only giving to your self.

Show your support and help humanity rise.


Updated---- Aug 09, 2011

From: MahaNomi  | Aug 8, 2011  | 591 views

Joe Rogan and His Tattoos

UFC announcer Joe Rogan has some pretty intense ink. Many don’t know of his tattoos because he is usually seen wearing a dress shirt when he’s announcing the fights. His amazing full arm tattoo includes a Chinese red dragon among other things.

Check out Joe Rogan’s amazing and somewhat discrete body art below.

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TheParadigmShift | January 19, 2011 | likes, 8 dislikes

Joe Rogan talks war and American Politics
Joe Rogan should say this message during his work with the UFC where they have a constant rotating advertisement to recruit young men into the Marines. This weekend is "Fight for the Troops" a perfect time Joe.

joerogandotnet | January 20, 2011 | likes, 57 dislikes
A very cool combination of some of my rants connected with some great video editing by a youtube user named "TheParadigmShift"

UFC , had this video pulled as it was so hot and made "Fight-For-The-Troops" look bad. Damn, I just put it right back up. lol ,,, There is a thing called Free Speech ,,, So go and copy this video and you post it and re-post this link. ,,,, This video may be pulled again!

Forgive And Forget The Illuminati, Remember Christ Consciousness!

Uploaded by on Feb 3, 2011
I made this video for the people who are ready to hear it. I have been on many different paths leading to ascension. I've noticed that most people have bits and pieces of the whole perception of what's going on here in this reality. There are your David Icke fans who support the idea of the reptilians, the government being corrupt and the limited consciousness they keep us in, and most of those people are very angry about this information. 

Then you have the Eckheart Tolle followers, who don't really focus on the negative side of things, which is great, but they don't know the larger story of what's happening in this matrix, and not having an intellectual understanding of what's going on, makes it harder for people to truly master this reality (ascend into higher dimensions of consciousness). 

What has worked for me, is delving into the intellectual understanding and the spiritual understanding of this reality. This video advises how to work with the oppositional feelings one faces when knowing of the truth of the illuminati or reptilians (lizzies), and the matrix they created for us. It advises not to be scared, or angry or even threatened by them, but to accept the negative feelings and to FORGIVE them. Yes I said it! When you can keep your heart open and truly let go of the darkness they have created here, you will become bigger than them. You will see them for what they truly are.

Luciferain conciousness, is a perception that is insignificant and diminshed compared to the higher vibrations of christ consciousness. They have no power in a world that is of love. This is why we must forgive them and focus on ourselves and what we wish to create instead! If the entire world dropped their negative focus on their governments and came together with their intent for a better world, the Illuminati would be history! We have the power, we outnumber them!

Abraham Hicks - Dealing with Illuminati

Uploaded by on Oct 1, 2011
Abraham hicks talks to a fellow who has some serious questions about the Illuminati and a secret order governing the world and the peoples thoughts of the world - visit their website for more information http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

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