Touch of Heaven

~ * ~ The planet has come to a point within the galaxy where it is shifting from lower to higher consciousness. Those awakening have higher intelligence guiding them into enlightenment as they release and flow with the river of light.

~ Those who struggle against life fear change and face the dismal future of pain and forgetfulness as their world becomes disordered and chaotic. At this cross roads is where the path taken by your conscious choice aligns you with the river of light or you begin to fight and struggle in the cross currents of greater and greater force.

~ There comes a time when waves will break over all resisting bodies. It will crush and break the will and destroy all manifestations not built to ride with the current. In the onrushing rising tide there is no hope to fend off or challenge its cosmic power. The waves of light and energy surpass rational thought and mystical imagination. The power of the waves of light are momentous and bring the houses at odds, secret controllers and powerful nations down into piles of rubble and debris.

~ Of your time now you are given a week, a month, a year and no more to become aware of your future within the expanding now that eternally brings change and creation. All who are here now know this as you are the Family of Light and power comes to your hand.

~ It is said that there are dark ones who walk the path of a Black Alliance and keep within a tribe of evil and follow a course of conflict and create fear. On that path they retreat towards the oncoming surge of nature and the cosmos. They are weakened in every step against the current by the river of light that will never cease in being the source of truth and expansion of the good.

~ It hits them with the power of the spinning black vortex of regeneration and destruction. In war and conflict the dark ones seek to raise the power of the Black Sun, to harness the energy and rise above and conquer its massive power. They will fail as time compresses their lives and the energy of creative source moves in disharmony with individual intentions for power. The dark ones are on a level of vibration that is empty of source and is swallowed up by the great ocean of pure spirit. They face the disintegration of life force and spiritual disappearance as the soul can no longer hold them in protection from the universal force of illumination.

~ There is new life and new rays of light in the hearts of the young, the children of light, and the crystal shining ones who live with in the diamond grid of the Tetrahedron networks they incarnate into power. The holographic synergy becomes the paradigmatic wave of heterogeneous scalability creating the regenerating fractal realities of universe after universe along infinite time stream arrays opening vortexes of space.

~ Through the images of words and the languages of light there becomes oneness and agreements to the simplification of meaning and appreciation of intention. Within each tone, word, symbol, feeling, sound, rhythm and movement the eternal now pervades all existence.

~ When the great shift occurs the awakening is easy and natural. It is the awakening from sleep. The world is vibrant, alive and changed from the dimensions of sleep. Nightmares of the past illusions will fade fast and the memory of what you endured will be quickly dissolved from consciousness. New days in the illumination of the light of the Central Sun bring to consciousness the mind of humanity in telepathic clairvoyant oneness and synergy.

~ The awakening is magnificent bliss and joy.

~ Do not harbor memories of the dream as they fade out of view and are nothing to be reminded of. There are moments where they have produced feelings of comfort and interest and other moments where they have given concern and confusion. They are dreams of the mind displaced from the eternal now that has become the path found in this moment.

~ Now is the point of your conscious awareness and in this conscious awareness see the expansion of reality open with direction and guidance. In the new day all is changed. The body is changed into an energy light body and accepts an energy that brings to it the power to create, manifest and become part in oneness and acceptance of the new reality. Without resistance move into the flow of the greater river of light that moves into destiny. It is your time to be another being, wholly transformed and transfigured into enlightened consciousness.

~ The manifesting energy of light coming from the galactic river of the Central Sun is different now. Awaken and be the shining ones that lead upon the path past the veils and through the open door. Of the coming time let the words stream out and images become real and feelings thrive into life and joy. It is your time to be alive and follow the bliss of wonder and the expansion of life into oneness and enlightenment. All is given as has been asked and you are feeling the touch of heaven.

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna


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