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In fact at age 41, he got into an auto accident that left him nearly crippled and 40+ pounds overweight. He could barely walk and he had very little use of his arms. Each day he experienced un-ending, excruciating pain. In the span of a few months, he spent a sizable fortune on the best medical care he could find, but nothing seemed to help. No form of "traditional" therapy or medicine relieved his suffering and pain. Because of his vast resources, this man began searching for alternative healing remedies and technologies all over the world. He spent many MILLIONS of dollars trying and testing everything he could find. He bought: 100's of different healing machines, medicinal healing herbs, 25 different water filters. He found an out of print book that changed his life forever.

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This is six months of eating and drinking the nutritional medicinal foods sections of the pyramid ... with 12 glasses of Electrolyte water / day ... with cardio / weights / yoga swing / bike ride and stretching daily ... I am about 138 pounds here from 150 pounds when I was eating slightly better than a Standard American Diet

170 pounds eating a Slandered American Diet / Healthier food diet 2 glasses of water / day

160 pounds Healthier to Organic foods 6 glasses / water day

150 pounds Organic foods to superfoods 12 glasses / water day

145 pounds Superfoods / Heirloom foods 12-16 glasses of water

140 Heirloom / Living foods

138 pounds Living foods / Nutritional Medicinal foods

The most prevalent disease on the planet is dehydration and drinking acidic drinks and foods ... Here is a simple way to rehydrate the body and remineralize it at the same time ... Drinking straight RO ( reverse osmosis ) or distilled is VOID of minerals ... ( always reminerailze the water )

So drinking this ( dead water ) actually causes a loss of minerals and fresh water is not

1 water cycle : drink a 16 ounce glass with a meteriorite or loadstone / crystal quartz and or amethyst ... Then drink 16 ounces of water 3 times over a 15 minute period I found this is the best way to wash and hydrate the body ... wait 5 minutes then drink another 16 ounces of water ... wait 5 minutes and drink another ... this is one complete drinking water wash cycle ... and I use a variety of liquids from blue green algae water ... SOLE salt water ( 10 drops or so / 16 ounce glass ) Full squeezed Lemon / per quart of water ... Sodium Bicarbonate ( aluminum free ) 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon / per 1 gallon of water ...


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