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God evolves because god is the human perception of the greater consciousness.

At the start of self awareness man looks at the wild creatures and differentiates himself from the animal kingdom. The alligator is a common creature on the banks of the Nile that eats humans regularly.  The power to consume humans is revered, that which can eat you must be praised and worshipped.

Throughout  the Egyptian dynasties, god evolves,
god morphs and becomes a human body with alligator head
Modern version of Sobek, god of fertility

Egyptian God Thoth, a bird (Ibis) headed human and solar deity
Thus god is shown as a human gaining higher consciousness:

Amenhotep IV, the father of monotheism, which some consider to be Moses, the one who leads men away from polytheism, the Pharaoh is worshipped as a man god connected to the invisible single god, thus god is one thing yet separate from humanity except through the divine leadership

The evolving god is invisible yet becoming one with human consciousness

Consciousness is like layers of an onion, all connected yet separate.

Hindu version showing layers of gods.  Shiva overlooks Krishna who consoles the praying Arjuna.

Christian version is exactly the same, the stairway to heaven:

New Age depiction of human evolution to god consciousness

Comic book version of man becoming god

What is god now?  God is invisible, human like, a consciousness, Universal consciousness yet still separate.  The New Age will be the integration of the human mind with god consciousness.  The evolution of god reaches a final conclusion, god and man are one thing, the same, no difference.

You = God 
(if you connect to the divine by getting out of ego consciousness)

23 April 2010
The Way Out

Stop believing and start knowing.  Stop believing in the Bible, that is step one.  In order to save society one must first save their own selves and break the gospel godspell.  One must gain control of their own mind from the hive mind.

Shamanic Writing

Imagine that our brain creating our conscious mind is actually tapping into a much older and larger Universal mind via our subconscious, here is a model of that relationship:



Murakami's Model of Synchronicity, quote:

"The "Law of Attraction" or LOA works by the concept that whatever we think in our minds will be projected into the universe and the universe will cause those thoughts to attract like events, people, object and anything else that is similar back towards the person thinking the thoughts. So, what is really happening? The model as described in the illustration above is based on a conscious thinking mind, a subconscious mind and the collective unconscious mind. The conscious thinking mind is the thinking thing that we use to actively think thoughts. The subconscious mind is an automatic mind that takes input and automatically does thinking on its own in order to make reason out of the input data. It is also the go-between for the conscious and unconscious minds. The collective unconscious mind is the infinite mind that contains all information in the past, present and future everywhere"
The brain and god

The brain circuit has evolved to tap a larger field, this is discussed in another essay on this website.  Just as the eye evolved to tap light waves, the brain evolved to tap mind, a Universal Mind that we mistakenly call god.  This Universal Mind is now being called a field of consciousness and some quantum physicists are suggesting that it is a fundamental force.  

In my New Theory of God (posted on this website) I propose that what we have been calling god in religious terminology is actually this field.  All of the attributes of the classical god are explained by this theory.  For instance, god knows everything (omniscience) because god is the Universal Mind.  God knows your thoughts because your mind is connected to god.  Humans are made in the image and likeness of god because humans can create.  Humans can create because humans are hard wired to the Universal Mind which is the Universe operating system.  
Additionally as we learn more about this field we might discover that this conscious field of god is helping evolution along, a proposal I've made after shamanically communicating with god on a vision quest.  God is connected to our self, through our subconscious and we can interact with it, we can talk with it, and I have done so.  

The earth is in mortal peril because of our mistaken god beliefs, we must redefine god to save the planet and to make better sense of our world and how we interact with Nature. 
First, let us examine why humans have faith.  In my other essays I suggest that self awareness is the evolutionary threshold that made us aware of god.  When we became self aware we also became god aware.  Self awareness leads to the fear of death, thus religion was created to cope with this unknown.  Faith is the ingredient we use to cope in life while we live with the awareness of our own mortality.  Faith only exists with the human specie, no other animal or plant has faith because only humans have self awareness.
People have faith in god, why?  Faith is being driven by this awareness.  People sense this higher mind, they know it is there but their perception is clouded by the explanation offered by the theist.  Every person interacts with the greater mind all of the time, but only a few are aware of what it really is.  Religion keeps us in the dark, it is time we find out what is really going on.
A bright aura is common in paintings of saints
Most believe god to be as framed by their myth, they imagine their prayers as a conversation with their anthropomorphized god.  Artists draw god as a human with an aura or halo.  The reason for this is that a human with high vibration and tapping into this god consciousness can actually have a strong aura visible to the naked eye.  Aura's are evidence of this energy field connected to mind.

People are imagining god as themselves but haven't quite figured out that god is part of oneself.  The god we draw is the god we are, we just haven't admitted the connection to ourselves.  In our myths, the gods are pictured as humans with bright auras that we are to emulate.  We personalize god to our fancy, in many cultures god has a human form yet is said to be infinite. God is infinite yet looks like a human, these metaphors are attempts to describe what we do not understand.
Because of the current myths, most believe god to be external from self, but that is not the case.  The higher mind is "hard wired" to your thinking brain via your subconscious mind and this relationship can be proved by learning how to recognize synchronicities.  So called coincidences are generated by our minds interacting with the Universal Mind.  God is a bigger mind and not separate from human mind.  Religion has taught and reinforced the separate god theory to gain control over us.  Religion has put itself between man and god and thus kept humans from their own creative power.  God is part of us because our mind is directly connected to the god mind. Faith was the temporary mindset until we gain enough awareness to operate in knowingness.
Summary:   the big brain reaches threshold of  self awareness --> self awareness leads to "god" awareness, or of a higher consciousness --> since we a hard time "knowing" our brain connectedness and the Universal Mind we have "faith" of this arrangement  --> eventually we gain understanding that our creativity is related to the Universal Mind (god) and knowingness overtakes faith, faith was only temporary state of consciousness -->  once humans gain this knowledge they become godlike in their creative ability.

The Law of Attraction combined with human intention creates synchronicities in the physical realm.  A good way of saying this is that the higher mind answers your prayer by giving you what you attracted.  But you don't have to say a prayer, you only have to cast intention.  I know that to be true because I do not pray yet experience synchronicities caused and matched by my intentions.  That is why I am a shaman, not only am I aware of how it works, I know how to recognize the return energy, in real time, for myself and others.  When I view a street full of people interacting I am seeing these energy flows, not just people.  Everyone needs to learn that synchronicities are being generated by our minds. 

Consider that you the individual have a soul with specific intentions for this life.  The existence of the soul (a meme to describe our innermost desires) seems very real to me because of the vast differences between persons and siblings.  The soul's longings can be actualized because humans have free will and are able to create.  Free will also implies that the higher mind can suggest but not interfere.  So it is extremely important to fully understand what god is, god is a Universal Mind (god meme) interacting with our individual mind and soul intention (memes of what we are), thus we have the power to create (free will meme).  

A fractal mandala could be a good metaphor to described what god is from an observer inside the Universal Mind matrix:
It doesn't matter if these memes are exactly correct description of reality, what is important is that the god memes serve us right now.  We can not know exactly what god is because god exists in a higher dimension, and because our minds are 3d we are limited in perception. This perception limitation is discussed at greater length in my Theory of God essay.

Later, with new information and understanding, we can simply make up new memes.  Everyone got that? 
Our anthropomorphized god is a fiction we have created to describe a phenomenon.  So don't get hung up with the current god.  

The big mistake nearly everyone makes is that they think god wants them to do something.  By definition, god wants nothing.  It is your soul that has an agenda, not god.  But the theist tricks the believer into thinking it's their job to get directions from god but what is really happening is the devotee is being directed by the group mind, which isn't god, but is the hive mind.  Almost all of the hives have the same intention, to get wealthier, bigger, more powerful, and assert total control.  Religions are not so much obsessed with god, they are obsessed with dominating the psychic space.  Once religions are established they want to be the only political force, they pay lip service to god but god becomes an afterthought.  This is why hypocrisy piles high as religions age, all religions violate their own commandments in order to rule, all religions commit murder while asserting power.

God isn't telling us what to do or giving us commandments.  Religion is claiming that to gain total control.  It is amazing that nearly everyone thinks god gave us commandments, if god gave us commands then humans would not have free will, humans would behave as robots.  The Rabbi says we must follow the commands or his god will send us to hell.  That makes no sense,  a judgmental god can not give us commands and say we have free will or give us free will then judge.  Metaphysically impossible.  

The Rabbi is like the Priest and the Preacher and the Imam, they are all well paid liars working for the hive mind.  They represent their group, by joining a hive mind you will serve the hive and not your soul.  Get it? Religion is where your soul gets trapped.  Bow down before the one you serve and then you get exactly what you deserve,  just as the song says. Some hives serve others, this is the really big joke about Evangelical Zionist Christianity, they are serving the diabolical Jews mistaking the Jew hive as god.

Israel Knesset, Jew hive central, an example of a like mind within a group, the United Nations has repeatedly condemned the actions and decisions of this hive. 
The Jews tap into spiritual darkness by sacrificial ritual, 
killing animals to appease the angry sky god is true barbarism.
The Jewish ritual act of cutting the sheep throat is exactly metaphorically to how Jews interact with the Christian sheep.
God can not change the world, we change the world, we are creative beings that have made our bed.  Thus praying for peace doesn't work.  A Christian prays to Jehovah, the Jew war god, for peace.  God can not make peace, god is very limited in changing the physical realm because things change through us.  War, peace, bliss, chaos it's all the same to god, it has seen it a million times.  We have created this world, we have to fix the world, god can only make suggestions, get it?   Shocked?  God can not make peace because we have not yet learned our power.  God is not all powerful because we have yet to come into our power.

God is not external,  god is present.  You can not escape god but you can put god out of your mind.  The atheist says there is no god, that way god is put out of the rational mind.  It is a way to survive hive mentality.  The atheist usually starts off as a theist then learns of the terrible hypocrisy and disavows the hive mind.  Atheists are naturally loners, because when you leave the hive you must think for oneself and become an outcast.   Shun the nonbeliever.   LOL   The biggest favor they can do for you is go away.  The atheist is correct in saying there is no god, because there is no god like the one described by the Rabbi.

Prophets Tap the God Field

In this model, the universal mind is also the infinite god mind.  God is accessible to all and god knows everything just as the theist claims.  This universal mind is past, present, and future all rolled into one.  It is the place a seer gets a prophecy.  All things have already happened thus the Universe already knows the probable outcome.  The future is a wave repeat.

The prophet is the crazy man living on the outskirts that taps the information that is already there. It has all happened before as the saying goes.  The sack clothed prophet is the crazy haired emotional person who knows society is off course, is operating in a subconscious realm at least part of the time, and thus draws the Universal mind template of doom to foreknowledge.  If you think about all civilization rise and fall, toward the inevitable end the prophets come out of the woodwork with all of their doomsaying.

You can see this firsthand in any major city when schizophrenic homeless persons will say relevant things as you pass by. The crazy man picks up on your vibe, instantly shamanizes the information from the Universal Mind and blabs it out unconsciously.  God is talking to you in that moment, you are hearing your reflection in real time.  I've seen Hollywood movies where they acted out that exact scenario, the script writer knows it's a real phenomenon.  

Understanding this,  if the crazy prophet has a big ego, they might go into town and proclaim their divinity or they might start a church and make millions because the followers sense the spiritual vibe.  Get it?  People recognize those who have made the connection, the problem is that the leader might have been insane to make the connection and is still crazy after being venerated.
Now this god is good and bad, it is all, all of the information, what part of god you connect to is simply the vibration you are holding.  It is the emotional vibe that is important, and this feature is not included in Murakami's Model of Synchronicity.  Intention is the vector, emotion is the current, the more emotion the more juice in the circuit.  Remember that!

Furthermore god is not judging you, it can't.  This god is not better than you, in fact I can look at my own life and say unequivocally that I am a far better person than the Jew psychopath god Jehovah.  Jehovah is an asshole.  In fact Jehovah is such an asshole we invented Jesus, and in my opinion the gospel writers who reinvented god made Jesus their ideal man, an outpicturing of who they wished they could be.  I have no problem with that Jesus, I do have a problem if you say your god is the only way to get to heaven and then turn your monotheistic views into political fascism.  Jesus was a convenient invention, and we can invent any god we want and as humans we have.
Jesus Robustus, from the George Carlin movie Dogma
Most ideas about god are just ridiculous.  Some have imagined this all powerful god of fearful retribution.  Why? Ego and lust for vengeance.  Someone imagines a wrathful god then the masses blindly follow regardless of consequences.  That is where we are right now, the world is in mortal peril because we are following Jehovah the psychopath.  In my numerous essays I detail that Jehovah is the outpicturing of the psychotic Rabbis who wrote the text.   

We are at the shift point in time, our invented god led us to a dead end.  We either shift or die.  Those that follow the desert tribe god Jehovah will not shift, they are a death cult, they are trying to take the whole world down instead of confronting their beliefs.  It is end times, end of time for the Judeo-Christian-Muslim hoaxplex.  It is time for authentic spirituality, one that we will invent and all agree to.  Whether it's 2012 or not I do not know, 2012 is a meme of the shift.  In the future we will look back at 2012 and realize we were inventing memes of us shifting during the shift.  2012 is the rope that we pulled to shift, when 2012 arrives we will focus on 2020, the next round number.  We know we are shifting because we are focusing on the shift, shifting is our intention.

The New Age

As we shift the old god dies.  Astrologers tell us we are ending the Age of Pisces, the fish.  There have been thousands of gods, the current gods are on the way out.  We are going to invent a new god and we are doing just that.  That is what the New Age is, and it is actually nothing new and not to be feared.  

We are seeking a more compatible meme, spirituality is being reinvented by reason applied to metaphysics.  People in the new vibration can not believe in the god of the old vibration, so they let go of blind belief and they are trying knowingness and meditation.  Examaning Murakami's diagram we can easily understand just exactly what the New Agers are doing with meditation.
A new age person is aware of this arrangement, so instead of blind belief they are in a state of knowingness.  They understand the relationship between themselves and their higher consciousness.  The practice of meditation is used to facilitate the connection to "the source".   What does that mean?  The source is the background field of consciousness that our subconscious mind interacts with, it is the fundamental field of Universal Knowledge that our brains evolved to detect.

A person doing meditation becomes still and quiets the rational awake mind.  Once the chatter is turned off, the god mind flows through the subconscious and when the meditation or dream ends the new idea is present in the rational mind.  I postulate we have to do meditation because the rational mind is a new evolutionary development, not yet integrated to the older subconscious mind.

The next level of awareness might be called shamanism.  The shaman is not only operating in knowingness, the shaman is extracting information using will power.  The best way to describe a shaman is that a shaman is bending the Universe to his will to get information.  

Since our minds are already hardwired to the god mind, the shaman can consciously gain information by holding a willful energy pattern and intention for the information to flow.  The emotion is like a magnet and the intention is like the directory, holding emotion with intention creates a field with unique vibe that attracts the answer. When the New Agers figure this out they could teach this as advanced meditation, or meditation with intention, or call it "manifesting through meditation" and they will teach it in seminars for large fees.  lol

Automatic writing is similar except there is no will, the circuit is open, anything can come through including the hive mind.  For instance a New Ager might channel Abraham and download some new teachings. Abraham is part of the Jew hive mind and thus the teaching will reflect the severe judgmental Jewish mentality.  So that's hardly "New Age".  lol  Much of the New Age is actually respun Jew Bible memes because they haven't tapped into a new part of the Universal Mind.  Remember that next time you pick up a book by Saint Germain or watch the Neale Donald Walsch's movie "Moses Code" (http://www.themosescode.com/index.php?p=Movie).     Most of the New Agers are putting a new spin on existing myth in order to maintain Jewish supremacy.

The modern shaman does not have to go into an altered state to do this.  In the old days the shaman might take plant extracts or become possessed by a spirit to gain information.  None of this extreme is needed.  The information can be had by simply getting into a willful emotional state.

A horrific shaman initiation, from the movie "A Man Called Horse".  This severe Native American Sioux Nation practice puts the mind in an altered state so visions are induced.

Shamanic Writing

So exactly just how does the shamanic writing work?  The shaman is attempting to get something that can't be had by normal means.  So let us say the mass Christian mind was put into a black magic death trance.  This was the case following 9112001, the Jewish led Neoconservatives were spell binding America with black magic.  They were tranceforming America into a police state.  It's now post tense, I'll tell you why.

The masses are unable to respond, they are frozen like a deer caught in the headlights.  But not to a practicing shaman, this is just a mind game.  I know that I am all powerful because I can tap this higher consciousness, I know that one person can change the world, I know that I am an infinite free being (paraphrasing David Icke, lol).  By knowing this at a heart felt level the Neocon Rabbinic spell had little effect.  So into action we went.

The shaman needs words to unbind the spell, to get these words the shaman taps the Universal Mind with intention and will.  This is exactly what I and others did, we broke the spell and I was told by "spirit" the very moment we turned the tide.  I was told that because of the great love for my country that I helped save America.  One such essay I wrote was Death Cult Memes, an essay I channeled and when read, undoes the damaged cause by the spell.  

Think of it this way, the evil Neocons were stampeding America into a police state post 9112001.  The internet writers found a way to turn the herd, now the actual Jewish perpetrators are being exposed.  The problem is many patriots, because of their affinity to the Judeo-Christian meme won't say the word Jew.  By saying the word Jew we could get our country back in 10 years instead of dragging it out for the rest of the century.

What we need to do is heal those inflicted by religious brainwashing.  The person ready to be healed will magically find the essay on the internet, as they read it of their own free will and accept the information the words transform, breaking the spell.  Contrast that with the endless forceful propaganda spewing out of the Jewtube.  The MSM pukes Jew supremacy all over America everyday.  Fox news maintains the spell, reading Phishna or Kaminski breaks it.  That's the game, as we go down and things become more painful, more will seek the cure.  We are in the Apocalypse and it is changing us. 

The reader can tell when an essay has a transformative effect, they are forever changed.  I remember that after reading Atlas Shrugged, I was forever changed. That was my intention, to save myself, I was attracted to that book and I read it with putting it down.  I was responsible for transforming my own consciousness.  

If you read certain books or essays then you can change also.  Because of my email exchanges with you, your input stimulated my emotions that drew the information from the Universal Mind into the essay.  Can you see that you help the freedom writer?  That is the role of the shaman.

America, Death Cult Central

America is now a bad place with bad people who will experience bad things.  What we did to Iraq and Afghanistan is happening to America.  A big circle of karma, the chickens coming home to roost.

America preyed upon the world, now America is preyed upon.  Christians conspiracy theorists cry it's an Illuminati plot!  In the meantime, churches are booming, the fear of the police state is driving new members through the front doors of the death cult, exactly as intended.  Can you see that fundamentalists are making life shit so as not only survive but thrive?  It's boom times for Evangelicals.

Fear rules.  Death is everywhere.  Welcome to Hell.

Megachurches = mega black magic = megadeath = mushroom cloud

The Way Out

Stop believing and start knowing.  Stop believing in the Bible, that is step one.  In order to save society one must first save their own selves and break the gospel godspell.  One must gain control of their own mind from the hive mind.

07 April 2010

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