Betrayed again: S.510 fake food safety loaded into government funding resolution

Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

We knew something else was afoot. The vote on S.510 too easy and too pat. The bill, which was sent to the House desk prior to the vote in the Senate, contained section 107, the re-insertion of taxation in the fake food safety bill by the Senate. The House waited til after the vote, then announced this staged faux paux and declared that the bill was “blue-slipped” due to violations of Constitutional provisions stating that all taxes must originate in the House. Does anyone out there really believe for one minute this was a mistake on the part of Harry Reid?

What was an amended streamlined form of HR 2749, S.510 was quickly identified as one of the greatest weaponless assaults on the security of our country.

The insertion of what is now called the Food Modernization Act, is not S.510 with the Tester Amendment. It is HR 2749 a bill which was voted on by the House and which constitutes an open act of treason emanating from the government against its own people. Even this version of food police authority has been fine tuned and streamlined to be more lethal than it was in its original form.


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