Cell Phones Can and Do Cause Brain Cancer

The bombshell results of a major decade-long study carried out in 13 countries will support longtime speculation that long-term cell phone use increases the risk of developing cancerous condition.

The $30 million report, which is to be released before the end of the year, follows a warning from the International EMF Collaborative that regular cell phone use could increase the risk of brain tumors significantly and that regular use is especially dangerous in children whose brains are still developing.

The cell phone industry assured us for years that cell phones are safe and don’t cause cancer and other problems. Major organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Cancer Institute, also have stated there is no evidence cell phones are dangerous.

But the official line may have to change because the WHO oversaw the new study.

According to the Daily Telegraph in London, the study will show “a significantly increased risk” of some brain tumors “related to use of mobile phones for a period of 10 years or more.”

Cell phone safety has been a concern for some experts ever since the death of Lee Atwater in 1991 from a brain tumor that developed under the exact spot where he held his cell phone. Sen. Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis and death from a malignant brain tumor also spurred safety fears. Kennedy’s brain tumor, called a glioma, was the type some experts have associated with the use of cell phones.

CTIA — the Wireless Association — and the Food and Drug Administration also have stated that cell phones aren’t a health risk.

But other experts, including my own research points to research that indicates a link between the electro-magnetic fields (EMF) of cell phones and three types of tumors:

* Glioma
* Cancer of a salivary gland near the ear called the parotid
* Acoustic neuroma, which is a tumor found near the ear

An Israeli study published two years ago found a 58 percent increase in risk for parotid tumors among people who relied heavily on their cell phones. And a Swedish study found that he risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma doubled after 10 years of heavy use.

Prominent neurosurgeons have stated they do hold cell phones next to their ears.

“I use it on the speaker-phone mode,” said Dr. Vini Khurana, a prominent researcher and an associate professor of neurosurgery at the Australian National University.

Other prominent experts agree. “I do not hold it to my ear,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon who also is CNN’s chief medical correspondent. Gupta says he uses an earpiece.

Some experts haven’t waited for the WHO or FDA to issue warnings. Last year, Dr. Ronald Heberman, director of the University of Pittsburg Cancer Center, sent a memo to all faculty and staff, warning them of possible danger and advising them to cut cell phone use.

I have also published warnings that ALL cell phones or cell phone services emit radiation that is harmful to health and can cause a cancerous brain condition. You have to be at least 2 to 3 feet away from your cell phone to avoid being exposed to radiation in excess of the Environmental Protection Agency minimum of 3 mG.

Cell phone use has also been linked to other problems, including infertility, insomnia, hearing, and, of course, driving hazards.

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