Children of the Matrix

Introduction to the Concept of the Matrix

Morpheus: You've lived in a virtual world Neo. This is the world as it exists today
Matrix Real World
Matrix is a film of Science Fiction directed by the Wachowski brothers in 1999, this beautiful film is the beginning of a beautiful trilogy, the other two films are Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolution (2004). The Wachowski brothers were quite influenced by the book The Neuromancer , published in 1984, and also by the film Jordan Maxwell , Matrix of Power(1989).

What is the Matrix

The Matrix is a system of human control. It is shown a false reality while hiding the true and the man does not differentiate between the virtual and the real. It is a concept which is very important in relation to the situation of man in the early 21st ... I will not deny that modern man also lives in a kind of Matrix ...
Matrix Other People
There is a Matrix in our world that can be called conspiracy theory new world order while the conspiracies are not theories, and so we can not call it a theory because it is based on facts exist, such as the Bilderberg Group , the financing of Lenin and Stalin by the House of Rothschild , the creation of the Federal Reserve , the CFR , the Trilateral Commission , the JFK assassination , the September 11 , all that has existed and still exists today! It is very difficult to understand because it is a conspiracy that exists and must remain secret to the general public at all costs , if the world came to know about this evil plan, it would be the end of their attempt to impose a New World Order for humanity. Moreover, there is still time for you to wake up because nobody will kick your ass apart yourself.

Before the movie Matrix

In English ...

Before that, there was also a film titling Matrix of Power created by the great Jordan Maxwell(1989), where he explains that we are controlled by a secret organization called theFreemasonry for millennia. There was also a lot of books on the subject, where some authors do not hesitate to use the word and the concept of the Matrix more than once ...
The Matrix (1999) is just a movie! I'm not here to say that YES we are all in a super computer It is not that this is far from that ... What I'm trying to do is a review of the movie Matrix while comparing with the real world in my own way.
Look Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution once again if you can before you read on.Or if you already know (like most fans) is better!

We, Children of the Matrix

Yes, there is a hidden world. Yes, we are in the process of sleep and are also in a kind of trance where only pleasure, money, drugs, sex rule the roost. Yes the reality is just a perception interpreted by the brain. Yes our 5 senses do not allow us to see the true reality ...
Yes ILS (but is "THEY"?! It is the international elite occult (hidden) that decides your future, your future, discreetly) lied to us A to Z, and yes all that is known is false (especially history) and must be réapprit.

What does this mean

In this world, we do not live to know something, but we live to learn new insights to sharpen our sixth sense that the soul provides to overcome the limitations of the physical nature imposes on every living being.
Finally there is no truth to own, but there are truths based on different perceptions. In the movie Matrix, man is controlled in the Matrix because he sees no other perceptions besides those that the body provides naturally. nature of the existence of the Matrix is to deceive the human soul .

Life, The Matrix, The Man

Morpheus and Neo
Life does not come from the material in the first place we do not belong to this world, what we see and what we do is actually a hologram of light but not the material, ie This is our sacred individual observation allows us to say that we have a unique and own existence, but this is an illusion. When we discover something new with our 5 senses is simply a rediscovery, because the soul comes from the essence of the creator dualist has a double character computer and just, if God had not himself experienced life and all sorts of things how could program a living body, thinking, intelligent potential that emotional infinite, and I mean not even the intelligence of nature, then you notice that I was talking about man but the nature and man are the same to me. The soul knows everything because there beyond this world, if I had to define what the soul is, I would say it is a piece of God to create this world of god fragment billion physical and spiritual songs and force fragmentation is diversity, which is a product of God, we are God, a part of him, basically we are an "isolated cluster" of total mind of God, the spirit god kills himself to sustain diversity in fragmenting trillions of cluster as well before the creation there was inspiration, and therefore without an intelligent body of imagining the world, because the world runs on laws that they are automatic, they have been programmed by the creator, which allows it to disassemble and reassemble (live and die) automatically forever.
That the Illuminati are hiding help man evolve spiritually and to reach this level ... In order to understand Sacred Matrix in which we live ... The Matrix is nothing but a tool for the success of the Illuminati, that is either outside or inside the Matrix does not change anything for them ... it's already too late.
The Illuminati have created their Matrix , but there is another Matrix. I know it can parraitre complicated, but read on to understand ... The Matrix in which we live is the way we use and interpret the words, humans are stuck on an interpretation of each word, we must seek the origin of words and what they mean.

Matrix the Movie!

Code Yellow Real World

The Matrix Revolution, when New Loses his eyes because of the fight between him and biological Smith (Matrix Revolution), he can see the actual code in the world that is yellow (as in the world of the Matrix he sees the code green and this code is much bigger ). Matrix in the Matrix .
Code Matrix
Original code of the Matrix

At the end of Matrix Revolution

Real World Matrix Code Yellow 1
Real World Matrix Code Yellow 2
Real World Matrix Code Yellow 3
We can see when you see the movie code yellow appears exactly as the green code
Real world without Code Yellow
Here is what it looks like when it is not New

Le Gros Bill in Code Yellow

To save Zion, Neo must go into the city machines, and there meet "Big Bill", which is probably the leader of the machines. This I think is code yellow zero energy , which created all things, while the green code is a replication of the real world by the machines to manipulate men.
Big Bill 1 Matrix
Big Bill 2 Matrix
Big Bill 3 Matrix
Big Bill Matrix 4
Big Bill 5 Matrix

Code Yellow at the beginning of Matrix Revolution

At the beginning of the film in the 2 first minutes:
The code appears yellow in an explosion once the camera through the U code green
The code turns yellow and looks like a geometric rosettes and other
You can see a city appear, which will prove to be the Machine Cited in ancient Sumer, Babylon
And then the camera moves back
Finally back to being a 7 Green Matrix code
This code is a code yellow real world. Many fans believe that Zion Matrix and the machine city are also part of a Matrix in another control system which something greater is not that s's'autodétruisent Machines and Men. As I often say on this site, the world is a giant Russian doll ..
If this is true then the machines are aware of the Matrix and created their Matrix because they knew that the man would not tell the difference between reality and the Matrix because the man did not know already Matrix . (As explained in part above)
Random thought : I've always made ​​the analogy between the pixels that make up the display colors, atoms, and the code of the Matrix. But there is also another important concept which he should be aware.

Quality First

Grade D
You can not save everyone connected to the Matrix. We just have to see the efforts that Morpheus and his crew are out to make the New Matrix.
When you talk about the new world order for your family or your friends, you have the same reaction if you tell them that we live in a super computer that is called the Matrix. People do not ever believe and it is where I am coming from.
The problem is finding quality and it should play in the quantity or it must target these people.Neo fights not to save all humans connected to the Matrix, Neo is fighting for one day these men may have the choice to be offline if they wish . You can not save everyone.

The Tracer Agents

Plotter Electronic Chip
In Matrix 1, when Neo is captured fault for not having taken the scaffolding as Morpheus had advised, it goes through a sort of macabre interrogation where he loses his mouth and is forced dealt a tracer in him under its navel ... Everyone remembers the scene that gives chills the first time we see ... It makes me think tracer to Chip Electronics ... Strangely ...

The scene of the chip electronics

Sort Chip Smith
Chip Smith fate
Seeing Red
Small red light when Smith Chip Enable

The chip becomes a terrifying insect robot!

New Frightened ...
Insect on New Belly
By Navel
Then Neo wakes up at him as if it was a horrible nightmare.
That's the feeling one has when one is injecting a microchip !

How to Remove the Chip

To remove surgically must do! Here is a small preview,
New removes his T-Shirt
Pyramid-shaped scanner device
Electric shocks on the belly of New
Ejecting L
Trinity throws the chip to the outside of the car.

Symbols in The Matrix Trilogy (For Fans!)

There is a sort of hidden symbology lot, which I do not have all the answers but we will look at all the symbols that are a bit particular through the Matrix trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution.
Pyramid on New Boots ... These boots have an anti- Illuminati , I do not know what brand it is, but it is not by chance that they are used
Matrix Neo and Trinity when one will save Morpheus of 3 agents who keep prisoner. This man appears just after New Password Metal Detector .... I found it funny the question mark!

Mysterious Number 101

101 New Gate
New on the door you can see 101, 101 in binary = 5, and 101 is also known to appear three times on eachbar code
101 Merovingian
We also find the number 101 to the floor or Neo , Trinity and Morpheus must meet the Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded
303 New End Gate Matrix 1
Towards the end of Matrix 1, Neo must lead 303 to the door to escape the agents of the system
What is this story about the number 101 and multiple 303 (101 x 3 = 101). Yet it is the only occurrence of that number in Matrix. So let's see the meaning that this number could have!

Interesting things to remember about the number 101

- Birth of Ptolemy, Greek mathematician 
- Herod Atticus, rhetorician Greek , born in Marathon 
- The number 101 is a prime number unique, and is the sum of the first 5 numbers: 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 
- There is an asteroid Helena called 101

The number 303, which is 101 x 3

- In computer Error 303 is when a "Content has been moved" and so there is a page with error 303.
I finish the trilogy "matrix" neo, trinity, morpheus are the three main characters of this science fiction scenario-divine. I speak now of a coincidence that is most disturbing is related to the number "303." At the end of Matrix, Neo asks what he must find room for it is given to evacuate the room "303" knowing that when it opens the door to the "303" II gets a burst, just the revelation of the story was this good the "elected." Trinity represents the Holy Spirit at that time then the kisses and from it back to him. The mind filled with strength and there is a "resurrection" of Latin resurgere rise. C is what he did. coincidence or So then will the great central americaines film via the CIA to send messages throughout the movie ...! Very disturbing, ref: the finger of god
There are probably more that 101 number that we can image it, and it is the same for 303.

Always on Symbols

MetaCortex Matrix
The building where Neo goes to work very early in Matrix 1, MetaCortex!
Jesus Neo Matrix
Neo is in fact the Messiah ... Christian theology, we can see that Neo is death on the cross as Jesus at the end of Matrix Revolution
triangle.jpg tele-
Triangle behind the television that Morpheus used to show the truth about the world in New ...

The Red Pill

New Red Pill
Mythical sequence of Matrix 1, when Neo chooses the red pill to know the truth
In Matrix Reloaded , Neo sees the oracle in a little short. And here is the conversation between two people:
Oracle: Candy? (After some discussion, the oracle offers a sweet red Neo) Neo: You know if I'll take it ...Oracle: I am nothing an Oracle if I did not know! Neo: But if you already know ... How can I make a choice? Oracle: Because you are not there to make choices, thou hast already do. You're here to try to understand why you make these choices. Neo: * New * takes candy Oracle: I thought you had already understood by now. Neo: Why are you here? Oracle: For the same reason, I love sweets (rouge!).

Oracle Candy Red Pill
That means ... That's like the Oracle and Neo truth ... from eating red pills, we finally find out what happens! But the idea is there ... The Wachowski brothers are super intelligent ...

Neo is a Human Machine

I think Neo is a machine. And he can not make a choice, it is programmed to make these choices, and it is his human soul that will make him understand why he made those choices.
In Matrix 1, when Neo fights Smith in the subway and Neo is forced to flee, Neo enters a building and must escape by taking a door on his left , but he is mistaken.
Neo escapes agents
Tank: The door on your left. Neo: * Takes the port right, misses miserably *
Tank: No your other left!
This proves that Neo to  a strong sense to take the right door , as if it was programmed to ... By cons Neo proves to be really one anomaly when he met the architect.
Architect: There are 2 doors.
Right Door Matrix Architect
Architect: The door on your right leads to the source and to the survival of Zion ...
Left door Architect Matrix
Architect: The door on the left leads back to the Matrix, to her (Trinity, Neo's love), and at the end of your species.
Neo Choice door left or right matrix reloaded
Architect: The problem is choice. Architect: But we already know what you're gonna do, is not it?Architect: I can see the chain reaction, the chemical precursors that signal the beginning of an emotion,specifically created to defy logic and reason . An emotion that you've already blinded from the truth. She will die and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

Neo chooses the left
Architect: Hope, the quintessential human delusions, both the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Neo: If I were you. I wish we meet again.

Symbols of the Merovingian

I think the most interesting symbols are in the house of the Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded , on the ground. There are prints and geometric figures very special. Let them,
There is something interesting to note that with this ground ...
triangle, pyramid Merovingian
Triangle (pyramid?)
David Cross Matrix
David Cross
We also find david cross quite a few times. Moreover, the Jewish culture is quite present in Matrix. For example, the only human city is Zion and Zion comes straight from Judaism.
Machine Creuse Matrix
The heart of the machine is digging a star with 6 sides
Zion Control System
Look at the disposal of those who control the entry and exit of vessels in Zion (Zion-Scion).
Anyway ... There is not a lot of visual symbols in the Matrix . Symbology is the name of the characters and ships ...

Names in Matrix symbology

New: In English and French, Neo means New. You can also make "ONE (elected in English)" by reversing the letters. The name of Neo in the Matrix Thomas Anderson, Greek Andras meanman , and Anderson is a derivative of the French name Greek , so that Neo is the son of man .
Trinity (Trinity) the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit ... Reference to Christian theology has borrowed the concept of the Trinity through the knowledge of the ages. Brahma Vishnu Shiva, the trinity is found in a lot of eastern religions and philosophies too, and not only Christian and Jewish, Abraham and Jacob David etc ...
Morpheus: A reference to the Greek god of sleep and dreams.
Merovingian: Named after the French dynasty who reigned from 5th to 8th century. It is said that the Merovingian family were the descendants of Christ.
Persephone: Queen of the underworld, Hades mistress and daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Architect: The Freemasons identify their God as the Great Architect of the universe , and when you see the Architect in Matrix Reloaded, is exactly that. However ... The city of the machines as shown below has no Masonic symbol.
The city machines
Bane: The actor who is cloned by Smith before returning to the real world. Bane means Nemesis.



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