NOVEMBER 8, 2012
By; John Lewis

Zobia and I were sitting around discussing the election results. As we discussed the number 303, she added, isn't that the address in the Matrix Movie? My spirit leap, as I was excited that she was able to make that connection and I knew there were hidden meanings to the number of Electoral votes (303) President Obama got.
Candidate - Barack Obama, Popular vote - 60602103, Percentage - 50%, Electoral votes - 303 (Popular votes as of 11/7/12)

We look for prophetic clues everywhere because we know that Spirit is constantly speaking and revealing what is, was and shall be. There are no coincidences. In this short writing we will not get into great details of numerology, the popular votes of 60602103, which is 18 and reduces to 1+8=9 (finality, birth, rebirth)- This end and rebirth is happening on a global scale as we end this 26,000 year cycle. Nor will we get into great depths the 50% (Jubilee-Pentecost)- We are on the verge off an awesome Jubilee that will erase all debt and release prosperity and a mighty outpouring of Spirit. 50 reduces to 5 (Grace).

We want to focus on 303 mainly. Most of you are aware of the Matrix movie and it's powerful symbols of multi-layered messages. We want to examine some here and show you some specifics of what the number 303 (3+3=6, humanity) is prophesying for our future and how Mr. Obama is destined to play a huge part.

"In the dilapidated remains of the Heart O' The City hotel is Room 303. Trinity conducted her surveillance of Thomas Anderson from a laptop computer in this room.

Neo is directed to the same hotel room to escape from the Matrix and pursuing Agents. However, Agent Smith ambushes Neo and shoots him before he can reach the phone there.
After defeating Smith, Neo escapes the Matrix from the phone in Room 303 before Nebuchadnezzar disables the Sentinels and itself using EMP.

The number "303" appears to be an allusion to the character Trinity, whose name in Christian theology defines the three entities that form a single God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This allusion is supported by Trinity's kiss to the lifeless Neo, whose life functions return as Neo transfigures into The One." (Matrix wiki)


Before we go further with the number 303 and President Obama, let's look at a few scenes from the Matrix. This film explains the deception of the world system and how it is controlled by a secret government of agents/machines, that has enslaved all humanity. Only those that have been "unplugged" - awakened are aware of the truth and they are on a mission to find the One, unplug others and get to Zion.


We have stated multiple times publicly since last year that when Mr Obama is re-elected, we will see the change he spoke about. Many of the things that have been blocked, that could have benefited not only Americans but the world; will be released. However, there will be a heavy price to be paid.

Eye feel the 303 is signifying that initiatives and bills passed under this administration will enable many to exit the Matrix. This will lead to complete system failure as we know it, many will become unplugged. The transition of this process will confuse many, as they will only see the current disturbing images and not get the big picture until much later.

The reality of the "STRAW MAN" accounts will be collapsed and the "Living Man" will be set free. The DTC was under flood water at 55 Water Street in New York during Hurricane Sandy. Our Birth Certificate number is listed there and traded in this Matrix. That could have possibly ended with the flood and devastation of their computer system. In a blog on November 6, we mentioned how humans are being traded as slaves on Wall Street daily. Of course, very few realize this and to the masses, it sounds like a story line from a "B-rated" movie. That's how they have been able to get away with so much evil; people choose to look the other way.
303 is prophesying of a coming Awakening during the Obama Administration, that will lead to a Revolution where people will "rage against the machine." Many will rage because of the change, not understanding the necessary change. Others will rage just because they don't like the President.

303 vibration in this election represents the doorway that leads out of the Matrix (Federal Reserve, IRS and other entities designed to enslave humanity)- but he must first be shot (wounded). Neo recovers from his wounds and becomes the One and escapes through the phone lines.

The Financial system and IRS is about to go through a radical change, this will be manifesting over the next several years.
The numeric value of the Hebrew word Sheba is 303. (Bible Wheel) Sheba means Seven, or an oath. There are many clues in this also. 7 represents complete, mature, perfection. [Sheba was the son of Raamah, grandson of Cush, and a descendant of Ham]. More later of 303.


The Spirit, the heavens and other prophetic clues had been bearing witness for the past 2 years that President Obama would be re-elected. Many Christians are disappointed and wondering "again", how this could happen. The many prayers, fasting and declarations by the Prophets of the system Church seem to have not prevailed in this election or the last.

It is difficult going against the counsel of the heavens, the heavens rule and influence all activity on the earth. The Celestial Prophets have no political party, they have no agenda; but to serve the Most High God - El Elyon.

Mainly the FOX (Faux) News Network has become the inspiration for the Prophets of the system Church and many of the Believers. They have aligned their prophecies and weekly messages to dove-tail the misinformation, deception, divisiveness, hatred and the demonic Zionist agenda flooding the airways as faux news. Many of the commentators disguised as news reporters have an evil agenda to appeal to fearful, uneducated or uninformed, weak-minded "angry white men." They seek to incite violence. The deception and propaganda has rendered most Christians powerless to discern the mind of the Spirit regarding world affairs and what the Father is really doing in the earth.

In 1 Kings 22, we are given a story of 400 prophets of the system Church of that day. They were more concerned about prophesying a safe, popular message that appeased their following and favorite politician. They all prophesied the same thing and were wrong. A lying spirit had entered into the mouth of the prophets and they believed their own delusions. This is very much parallel to our day.
Thank God for the 401st prophet name Micaiah. His name means, who is like God. Or, who is like God? He was not afraid to get out of the box and get a true word from God.


We have been stating and hinting that the next President after Obama leaves office in 2016, will be a female. Eye am yet sensing this and most likely a Democrat. However, there is whisper that something might transpire that will allowed President Obama to possibly run and be elected for President again for an unprecedented 3rd term in 2016. Nevertheless, whenever he is finished, we will see our first female as President. (The Democrat party will have transformed into something with a much higher purpose by then).

Eye see a phasing out of what we know of as the Republican party. It will be broken up into many factions. As we continue to evolve and move forward as a galactic community, there will be less room of the divisiveness, intolerance and religious anti-Christ spirit that plagues the Republican party.

We will end with this powerful prophetic song called Wake Up, by Rage Against the Machine. This is the last song of Matrix 1 at the end of the movie. It may not be for everyone-but read and study the lyrics.

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