Shadow Operations: The Mars Project - Project Camelot TV Pilot

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Shadow Operations: The Mars Project

Shadow Operations: The Mars Project


The investigative work of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy who have devoted their lives delving into secretive and undercover phenomenon that the government, scientists, and officials refuse to acknowledge or talk about.
David Wilcock
DISCLOSURE: Camelot on TruTV TONIGHT; Insider 'Daniel' Comes Forward! http://t.co/iXL6riOg

Once you've watched Shadow Operations: The Mars Project, which doesn't air until 11PM tonight on the west coast, you can check out Daniel's stunning new papers for even more information at soldierhugs.com.
I wanted to write a lot more about this, and I may update this piece as we go along -- but I have to get in the car and leave tomorrow morning for my conference in Phoenix, Arizona.
This is the last public event I will do before whatever happens at the end of this year -- though I will certainly make an effort to do another video and write more articles.

In all honesty, I did wonder in the past if it might be a totally discontinuous event -- dropping us either onto an ET mothership or into a new Earth with trees, mountains and lakes -- but no buildings or remnants of third-density.
This is the type of bizarre, cosmic, psychedelic stuff that you end up thinking about when you read something like the Law of One series.
In my extended Canada sabbatical I really went through the Law of One like never before, and found new quotes that supported the idea that all third-density matter will have a fourth-density counterpart.
There is much more to say about all of this, but my point is that it does appear that the transition will be much gentler, happier and smoother than I had wondered in earlier articles.
I am going ahead and booking events for next year because I do expect that the world will continue -- and will already be getting much better than it is now.

Another major new data point is the use of the term "Harvest" in the Law of One series. This has always been controversial.
This term comes straight out of the Book of Matthew, beginning in chapter 13. Now I realize the Law of One series was pointing us towards this passage all along. I am amazed it took me this long to figure this out -- and read what it says.
People on Earth are compared to a crop in this Biblical analogy. The "adversary" goes through the good crop and sows the seeds of evil, which grow up into "tares."
The "tares" are weeds that make the wheat taste terrible, and become unusuable, if they are included in the harvest. This was apparently quite a problem for farmers back in Jesus' time.
Jesus clearly describes how the angels will go through and literally pluck out the tares, one by one, at "the end of the world".

The Law of One series heavily corroborates this message. It blatantly predicts that sixth-density ETs will literally move the most corrupt elements of our society out of here -- and put them on an alternate timeline.
I had a prophetic dream describing this very event all the way back in high school, and wrote it into my free autobiographical book, Wanderer Awakening, on this website.
Here are the original written details of the end of this epic dream. This changed my whole life when it first came in -- while I was about 16 years old:
Right in front of my eyes, a brilliant, UFO-style object spontaneously manifests, quickly clicking into place tile by tile. I step into the cockpit and hear the rush of the hatch as it snaps closed.
I am outrageously successful at defeating the robots with my new craft, and I deftly carve my way through their masses. I make my way back inside [the hotel] and discover an elevator of some sort -- an elevator with many more potential floors than the hotel ever should have had for its size.
Somehow, I suddenly become aware that the hotel is only the top layer of a gigantic multi-tiered alien citythat was built from a UFO that had crashed in the crater!
I also know that all the drug-addicted teenagers in the hotel are being manipulated by the evil aliens to serve them, and I am determined to stop it.
I use thought control to operate the elevator, and I am able to penetrate each layer of the structure to finally arrive at the control center.
When I finally reach the control center, I come upon a gigantic black door, easily twenty feet tall, covered in barbed wire and thorns.
I know that it appears impossible to pass through, but I focus my attention with all of my strength and am able to blast through it. I have no idea what the massive guiding force of this sinister operation will look like.
To my surprise, the only thing I discover is a man at a desk in a typical US-government styled office! The man tells me of all the wonderful powers that I would be granted if I would only join them in their efforts of running the hotel. I would be given a very high position in the hierarchy.
The man's persuasion seems to also take on the form of a telepathic, psychic pressure that threatens to shatter my skull.
After strongly denouncing the man, I realize that the only thing I can do to "win" is to "create myself." I roll into a ball and see a series of seven energetic bodies, each one bigger than the one before it.
I expand my own awareness into the largest body, and I now am sitting before a massive, holographic computer terminal with a huge screen.
I bring up a rotating image of the Earth and remove the entire bullet-shaped city from its position, sending it far back to its planet of origin.
I then create a new earth, unspoiled by this current society's industrial expansion, and transport all of the prisoners from the hotel there.
As my final act, I program my own essence to incarnate in a physical body there within my new creation. I feel my awareness slipping away as I know that I am about to incarnate there again myself...
Quite obviously, this story contained many elements of my future work, including the idea of Ascension - the creation of a "new heaven and new earth."

Remember -- this is a dream, so it obviously has symbolic, non-literal elements to it. I would not recommend taking it as a strictly literal prophecy -- but it obviously foreshadowed what I would read about seven years later in the Law of One series.
The Law of One says the "fourth-density negative harvest" is one of "intense disharmony."
This suggests that those very few, highly negative people who are moved into their own timeline will experience a cataclysmic reality, similar to what was seen in the Looking Glass. Very few people may ever be aware that this has happened.
After seeing what I've gone through for much, much less, it did ultimately make sense to me that the people who have done the greatest harm to others might need to experience a very grievous, worldwide catastrophe -- in order to properly re-balance their karma.
Very few people will need this form of "catalyst," however.
Even those who are trending negative, but not pure in their seeking of evil, will be on a timeline that is smooth, gentle, peaceful and non-disruptive, to the point that they may not even realize that anything has changed.
Again, just so that we're absolutely clear, I believe it is impossible for someone to end up on this negative timeline unless they have gleefully tortured, raped and murdered many people -- or have been directly responsible for such events happening.
Many others who have done harm, but not enough to warrant the negative timeline, will still be here -- and will probably need to be exposed, arrested, given a fair trial by jury, and a reasonable sentence if found guilty.

If anything the Law of One says is true -- and I have rigorously proven that it is loaded with accurate science -- then they are indeed predicting a "quantum leap" to occur, all at once, at some point in time roughly 30 years after 1981.
The careful use of the word "Harvest" clearly shows that some form of Divine Intervention is predicted, in which the strongest opposition will be removed -- so we have a fighting chance of creating a better world.
I was then shocked to realize that Harvest may have already started happening -- by this definition.
Many different underground bases have been completely portaled out, down to the bare walls, all over the world -- beginning in August 2011. This is the exact same year the Law of One predicted the "Harvest" would begin -- 30 years after 1981.
The insider data on this bizarre series of events has been exceptionally good. It has caused incredible shock-waves in the insider community.
Unfortunately, there has been a total lockdown on new insider information about what may or may not be happening -- since late Spring of this year. They are terrified about what is happening, since they had believed they were undefeatable.
However, this information lockdown has led me to believe these "Harvest" events have only increased in frequency -- not decreased.
I do think it is possible that we could see a lot more of it, on a much more blatant level, before this transition is complete.

The number of people who are negative enough to be moved onto another timeline could be so small that we may not realize anything has happened at first.
However, I do believe that if this is the correct interpretation, it will be much easier to conduct mass arrests after this has happened.
There is ever-increasing evidence in mainstream media that things are already moving in that direction -- including the BBC pedophilia scandal, the LIBOR scandal, major lawsuits against the banks for mortgage fraud, et cetera.
The dreams I am having in my own life, and the relative speed with which historical events need to happen, has convinced me that all of this stuff couldn't possibly happen just between now and December 21st.
This also explains why there is a "100 to 700-year transition period" after this "quantum leap," according to the Law of One.
The "Harvest" has already started. The Bible prophecy of the plucking of the tares from the wheat has been going on since UFOs began powering down nuclear missile installations in the 1940s.
It has dramatically increased since August 2011 -- and in the early stages, many of these events were quite visible and public, as I have written in many earlier articles.

I am very excited about where this is going. I look forward to seeing the world transform, and taking a direct role in helping it happen.
Everyone I know who is on a spiritual path is going through maximum pain, maximum difficulty and maximum initiation right now. There is a very strong feeling that we are building up to a major historical event.
The way I think about it right now is akin to that classic phrase you never want to have to hear, but once you do, you know they're right: "If you throw up, you'll feel better."
The best way you can help out right now, in Law of One terms, is to seek your own enlightenment for the sake of all beings.
The best way to pursue this enlightenment is to return all hate, anger, jealousy and sadness directed towards you with love and forgiveness.
It is also important to practice healthy boundaries and not let yourself be taken advantage of by those who seek to manipulate and control you. This is a lesson we are actively learning on a worldwide level -- right now.
This is the art of love with wisdom -- a practice that we continue to refine for millions of years, long after we have Ascended from the third-density state.
OK, I guess that's it!

Kerry and Bill arguably took on the single most dangerous, contentious subject in the entire UFO / insider world -- the idea of a joint human / extraterrestrial base on Mars.
I was impressed with how this pilot was put together. It followed a coherent narrative and built up in a logical sequence from point to point. It used a lot of Ancient Aliens-style transitions and sound effects and was consistently entertaining.
Bob Dean's section really delivered the payload. Knowing at least a good part of what he knows, I was quite surprised that he was willing to say that much on the record.
The real irony, as far as I'm concerned, is that the only material I discussed that made it into the final cut was a few of the disclosures and insider rumors I'd heard from Daniel.
Kerry and Bill and I have a whole dialogue in the show about how Daniel did not want to come forward, but had given me stunning information. We all agree that it would be terrific if he would ever decide to speak out. 
It is quite surprising that I only found out yesterday, over two years after we taped this, that Daniel had finally come forward. Then this morning was the first I'd ever heard that TruTV was going to air this forgotten program!
It's nice to see this sort of synchronicity -- as it reminds me that there are higher forces out there, going to a lot of trouble to set these things up for us... as "reminders" of who we really are.



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