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HIdden Knowledge of this Re-Ality.

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Brent M 

Guru means Gu = darkness, Ru = dispeller of ignorance. The inner uncaused eternal teacher, the limitless living light, the Guru within, dispeller of darkness and ignorance of self.
The living Star, Gate of origin. The uncaused Star beyond this caused boundless Universe of finite experiences.
The Universe of finite experiences is a finite dream of the eternal dreamer.
 Many that descend into the boundless dream of finite experiences, get lost forgetting whom they truly are. Incarnating over and over again within, the physical life of finite experiences.
 The Awakened Ascended truly Enlightened, will help teach a person how too walk upon the path of NOW and activate there spiritual horns, the upper chakra , so that the Crown can descend from above, as the sacred silent sound heard within that no ear has ever heard, and felt upon and above the top of the head.
( The inner Guru your true teacher all spiritual travelers point too for a person too connect with..)
  One then enters the door of the heart with divine eyes and ascends the Crown passing beyond the veil and glare of this dimension entering the boundless black sea of still silence . The dark abyss of your void of being.
  This is also, the caused canvas and veil the boundless universe of finite experiences is projected manifest upon.
The spiritual traveler then ascends the silent black sea following the living light, that descends as sound heard with spirits timeless ear.
The sacred sound vibrates through the boundless self leading one back too the uncaused Star, Godhead, Crown, Gate ,the place of origin.The living light you are I AM.
  The whirling lakes of the limitless ocean, that is the Great Spirits firey sky. This is the origin of the Maori moko. The spiral tattoo that represents the spirit line of the traveler. The radiant Buddha of the Great sun, the kristos eternal Christ uncaused Morning Star, The base building blocks of all that is, the symbol representing Qi . yin n yang.
 The yin n yang symbol, is really a 3 Dimensional spiral tunnel that is traveling in two directions. Turn the symbol sideways stretch pull a part left and right creating a long spiral tunnel that is traveling in two directions.. Loop both ends back together forming a perfect circle..
Do the same with my profile picture, within each spiral vortex tunnel the pattern can be 12,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, infinite .
The beloved blue sun of perfection, Crown of limitless living light.
This finite boundless Universe is part of the caused dream of the eternal dreamer you are I AM . The Universe of finite experiences is caused it has a beginning and an end, and there for finite when measured up against the uncaused eternal self.  Each of us have know beginning or end, you have always existed
Every spiritual tradition of all cultures point too this very real truth. They just use there own language and descriptions too relay and keep this sacred truth.
The traveler Ascends the uncaused Sun of suns and enters the ocean's of the limitless self, where the soul of many life times is dissolved in the unborn waters of the firey spirit too be born again as the eternally uncaused.
 The true limitless being you are I AM.

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