Breaking the Spell of our Alien Overlords

The Wes Penre Papers (A Journey Through the Multiverse) The First Level of Learning Solution Section: Solution Paper #1: Breaking the Spell by Wes Penre, Thursday, July 14, 2011 READ MORE HERE: http://wespenre.com/breaking-the-spell.htm

The Wes Penre Papers(A Journey Through the Multiverse)The First Level of Learning[http://wespenre.com]

Soulution Section:

Soulution Paper #1: Breaking the Spell by Wes Penre, Thursday, July 14, 2011 (http://wespenre.com)

1. Introduction to the Frequency Fence and the 3rd Density Quarantine
I have touched this subject in passing earlier in these papers, and many other researchers have gone into it in detail as well. Yet, there are others who guarantee you that there is no such fence, but to me it is obvious; it's just a matter of definitions, and Frequency Fence and/or Quarantine are the ones closest in definitions. 
To really grasp the vastness of all this, it's mandatory to have a decent grasp of Zecharia Sitchin's work, "The Earth Chronicles". I have written a super-condensed version of them in my "Anunnaki Papers", and if you're unfamiliar, or just slightly familiar with Sitchin, I would suggest you read those papers first. The series of Papers, which I have called "First Level of Learning" to a large degree discuss what could be defined as "The Anunnaki Problem".
According to the stories told in the Sumerian tablets, the Anunnaki did not pass themselves off as Gods at first and were not treated as such, either. That came later, and when it happened, some of the Anunnaki took advantage of this and pretended they were God Almighty. Two such people were Nammur, the Enlil as YHVH, and Marduk as himself, and then behind the scenes as any of the Gods of the major religions, working in the background.
Of course, the Anunnaki are not Gods. If we really want to use the word "god", it could be as in "creator gods", but with a small "g". They were miners and geneticists, and they did tamper with our DNA big time.
The story goes that the Anunnaki took an already existing, primitive humanoid race here on Earth (homo erectus) and mixed their own DNA with them to create a labor (slave) race, intelligent enough to understand and follow orders. Thus homo sapiens sapiens were born (the thinking human).
The key word here is "primitive". This is what Sitchin says homo erectus were, and this is apparently what the cuneiform say. And what does Marduk have to say about it? Remember how he changed history? This is most possibly one of the changes he made. The Sumerian tablets were written 5-6,000 years ago, much of it based on hearsay. Those who wrote down the history knew nothing about it, except what they'd been told by the gods. They knew their present situation and perhaps what happened at large two-three generations back, as it was passed down verbally. The rest was most probably changed, just like A.R. Bordon indicates in "The Link", to the Anunnaki's advantage, so we got a wrong picture of the gods. Bordon even said to me at one time, "Whoever wrote the Enuma Elish was taking dictation--at least in the granite rock tablet"[1]. This was a response to my question whether the Ša.A.M.i.* from Nibiru agree with Sitchin or not regarding their own history on Earth. Apparently, they do. And they probably did take dictation, but was the dictation correct? I have reasons to believe that they had been on Earth much longer than 450,000-500,000 years. Some sources, like The Guardian Alliance insist they've been here for at least 850,000 years, which is almost twice as long. The Pleiadians as well, in some of their lectures, give hints that the "gods" have been here at least half a million years. But it was in the Anunnaki's interest to waylay and deceive mankind into believing in a partly false history.  

Figure 1: Anunnaki
What resonates with me, and always has, even before I read any information on it, is that we were already evolved beings beforethe Anunnaki came down here and started genetically altering us. There are quite a few sources who agree with this statement; both metaphysical (via channeling), and sensory data streaming[2]*. Earth is an Experiment, and what we today call homo erectus was a part of that experiment. These, our forefathers, were seeded by the earlier creator gods, like the Vegans, Lyrans, and their cousins, the Pleiadians, in conjunction with reptilians, insectoids and others. We see homo erectus as primitive, because they supposedly didn't live in cities and didn't have technology. However, you who have read one of my previous papers, Genesis Paper #1: Human Origins and The Living Library, know that they were in charge over a highly evolved civilization and they carried 12 strand DNA, fully activated.
The Pleiadians are very outspoken about this and consistently tell us that we were evolved beings before the Anunnaki came and we had the ability to move through realities and manipulate matter. Furthermore, they say that many of these abilities were scattered purposely by them. They tell us that all realities have their guardians, and stewardship changes over time. Guardians are not always uplifting and benevolent beings. The guardians who manipulated out genes some 300,000 years ago were a warrior race and kept everybody out who would set us free[3].

Figure 2: Reptilian hybrid
The Anunnaki were not alone on the planet even when they were in charge. There were other races here at the same time. Some were working together with the Anunnaki, others were not. The Anunnaki at some point made an agreement and an alliance with the Dracos, a reptilian warrior race who are hybrids of a reptilian race, the Drakon, from another galaxy, and humans in an earlier genetic mix. They often were seen working together with the humanoid Anunnaki[4]. This is not mentioned in the Sumerian stone tablets.
When I talk to Dr. Bordon about DNA, and mention to him that homo erectus had 12 strand DNA, which was split and deactivated downgrading them to 2 strands, he firmly disagrees and says that this is impossible. And even if it was possible, it would "grow back" within the next 10 generations or so. Then he refers me to the scientific evidence about DNA that is available today on the Internet. He also adds that we have thousands of strands in our DNA already now, so 12 strand doesn't make any sense. This may be true or not, but if we have thousands of strands already, why are we calling our DNA today 2 strands, or double helix? However, he fully agrees that there is no such thing as "junk DNA".
Dr. Bordon is frustrated that people can't get their heads around what RNA/DNA is (even in academia and among highly educated researchers), so I told him this is because almost all information we read on this subject is highly scientific and close to impossible to understand, unless we want to spend days after days with dictionaries, getting caught up in endless word chains. So instead I suggested that he writes a paper on DNA which is both educative and simple to read for the average person, because this would be the only way for people to truly understand it. He said it is a great idea, but as I am writing this, he has still not written it despite a reminder. If he does, and when he is finished, I will post it as a separate paper, word for word. His viewpoint on this is that even though the Anunnaki did use us as slave labor and made soldiers out of us to fight their wars, they also sped up our evolution with millions of years by adding their own DNA to our existing one. This is where I disagree. According to almost all research I've made, this is not correct, and I include my intuition in this.
We have to understand that science today on Earth, even when it comes from the most brilliant scientists, doesn't know everything. DNA is not only physical; it expands and branches out all through the Multiverse. That's how we have access to All There Is on a subquantum level. You are multi-dimensional because of your DNA. If 10 of these strands are made dormant, what would happen? We would become very limited to what we are able to experience, just like we are today.
1.1 Ungluing the Radio Knob--Freedom of Frequency
When I talk about a Frequency Fence around our planet, or a Quarantine, there is a physical electronic fence and there is a limitation in our DNA, a limitation which, together with the electronic fence around our planet, keep us trapped in a frequency prison.

Figure 3: Earth in chains
What happens when someone changes your DNA from 12 helix to 2 helix is that you are almost totally cut off from the Multiverse. You forget who you are, where you come from, and who are your true creator gods. When left with a double helix, everything, more or less, is unplugged from our cosmic, multi-dimensional connection, and left is only what is needed for basic survival. We are locked into limited, controllable frequencies; the ones necessary for us to be able to function as a slave race for the gods. The physical frequency fence (which according to David Icke is controlled from the Moon by the Dracos [and I would say the Ša.A.M.i. as well. Icke looks at these two races as one, which is incorrect]) makes it very hard for the frequencies of light (information) to penetrate. There were times when light frequencies could penetrate after the fact we'd been unplugged, but there was no one there able to receive them. The light-encoded filaments were no longer organized, so the cosmic rays had nothing to plug into and hold onto (Marciniak: "Bringers of the Dawn", p.17).
When in ignorance, all you don't know becomes a mystery and somewhat scary. It's easy to create fear in such beings, who previously were quite fearless. The Anunnaki, and other service-to-self, negatively oriented beings, feed off fear. Again, I am not saying all Anunnaki are/were bad, but it is definitely a cultural thing. These beings fed off fear like food; that's beyond any doubt; the evidence is everywhere. They, and other dominant alien races, have created terror and fear on this planet ever since the Anunnaki tampered with the DNA of our ancient ancestors, all the way up to this day. Certain people are more targeted than others by these beings; the more anxiety and fear you feel inside, the more "interesting" you become to these beings. Those people who have learned to conquer fear are no longer a target in the same way, because they are no longer a food source.
The good news is that we can still reactivate our 12-strand DNA by educating ourselves like we do now, and use what we learn. In addition, we have the alignment with the Galactic Center and the changes in the Sun, where more gamma rays than normal, rays that carry information, reach us here on Earth. Still, it doesn't matter how much light is coming through if there is no one here to receive it. If we are not awake and aware and start communicating with our environment (including the Sun as a part of our Higher Self), this information will just go wasted. However, if we do our job, these are very enlightening times, and as we grow as a whole unit of body/mind/soul, our DNA will be reactivated, little by little. Our big chance is now, within the nano-second, between 1987-2012.
Although 3rd Density is a frequency prison, created some 300,000 years ago by Anunnaki geneticists, it is still an experiment, and many alien species are curious to see how we can find our way back to cosmic consciousness. Some of them are impressed by the hard work many of us do to help ourselves and others. The Frequency Fence, as we've mentioned earlier, works like a radio station; you turn the knob to a certain frequency range and you will hear what is broadcast on that channel. However, unless you turn the knob again in one direction or the other, you will only hear what's broadcast on the radio station you just tuned into. This is how 3rd Density on Earth works. The knob is stuck on the frequency range we are currently operating within and we have to work ourselves up the frequencies and be able to turn the knob at will to experience the whole Multiverse. We do this by reactivating all our "junk DNA" (the 12 helices).

Figure 4: Turning the knob on the radio we receive another radio station
Until then, humanity is trapped here. Pretend, in our current state, that we went to other planets; we would only experience them from the frequency range we vibrate on. This means that we may land on a planet and say it's barren with no intelligent life forms, when in fact that's not true. We just can't perceive the intelligent beings living there, because they vibrate on a higher frequency. Another obstacle is time, which we have discussed either. In which "time" does the astronaut land on a certain planet? Before it was life-bearing, when it is life-bearing, of after? Time is indeed a local custom.
We are controlled by fear and terror so that those who are in control can make totally sure we are not able to unglue the dial again, and still, despite of their efforts, they are no longer successful. People are waking up, seeing through the Veil of Forgetfulness that the RA Material is talking about. If you look around, you see that the controllers are getting more and more desperate. They are moving too quickly! In their desperation, they are now trying to implement all new restrictions at once and people are seeing through it, and in some professions, like nursing, the employees are coming together and refuse to follow the new rules of functional insanity.
2. DNA Code Activation
The original planners knew what they were doing. They would not give up on humanity this easily and let the Anunnaki get away with their changing the DNA structure in humanity, which refused us the ability to connect in full with the Multiverse[4]. The Anunnaki were brilliant multi-dimensional geneticists, but they didn't know everything about DNA. The original creator gods implanted an activation code into our DNA, which would be activated at a certain time in the future when humanity hopefully are developed and evolved enough to be able to handle this activation, which is embedded in our so-called "junk DNA". This time is now.
Some of us will handle this transition with excitement and go through it just fine, but others, who are not prepared, will have a harder time. The main thing that is happening is that we start remembering who we are and the timelines of our different incarnations will merge. In other words, in the beginning we will get flashbacks of earlier and future lifetimes, and these flashbacks will feel very real. They will be a few in the beginning but increase in numbers. People who don't understand what this is and meet this new challenge with fear and rejection may even go insane, similar to a schizophrenic person.
We may be able to visualize this by first understanding that this is the End Times as prophesized, where time on this planet is imploding and linear time is no longer sufficient to carry the human race further. So, similar to a black hole, time is merging and retracting. By experiencing this, when at the same time it is triggering our DNA code, we regain our multi-dimensional abilities and will ascend. When this happens (and it has already started to happen in many people), go with the flow, look at the new information with hope and excitement and understand what it is you are experiencing, and you will be more than fine; the transition will be fairly easy. During this transition, however, you may or may not experience periods of unease, or some parts of your body will start acting strange, sometimes resulting in pain. However, if you go to the doctor, they may not find the cause to the problem and will act quite confused. This is normal and usually nothing to worry about as these symptoms will disappear with time. 
On a larger scale, there will be planetary changes as well as changes in the Sun. We have discussed these previously, but it is not up to us to solve these seemingly unsolvable problems, only to understand them. Even problems are energy, no matter how condensed this energy is. The definition of a problem is intention versus counter-intention, which creates stuck energy, as two or more forces clashing with each other and get stuck. If we see the problem as it is and how it was created, the problem disappears in our own minds and no longer stays as a part of us, unless we manifest it again, wittingly or unwittingly[5].
This is one of the main reasons I want to present a problem as close to how it is manifested from both sides, so that the reader can recognize it and diffuse the stuck energy. Not only will you be able to step out of the problem, but also help the rest of the planet to heal, because others will be affected by your own recognitions. There are people today in the New Age and UFO movements who think we should not expose negativity, because it makes this negativity stronger. I understand where they come from, but I disagree. We need to present the problem as is for it to be understood and discharged. Then, and only then, can we move on past it.
Our task, after we understand what is going on, is to ride on the wave of this inner knowledge and understanding, transmit the increased light within us into our local universe (our environment and everything in it) and transform it into unconditional love. This will raise the vibration of our environment and it will spread like ripples on the water when we throw stones into a lake. What one person does is making a huge different.
Dr. Bordon and LPG-C are trying to, via memes (belief systems), to influence people from all walks in life to be inspired enough to come together, creating the effects of the so-called "3% rule", or the "100th Monkey Syndrome". The theory is that if 3% of the world population are united in a certain way of thinking, the rest will follow due to that we all are ONE and of the same multiversal energy. I want to make use of the 3% rule as well, but maybe not using the same memes as LPG-C are attempting to create.
Important here is that we want to evolve by ourselves and don't need any descending gods to show us how to do it, or to protect us. We have the tools we need, and we don't need their technology either. We evolve by using our own energy, by activating our DNA code and by influencing others in our environment by being examples, and by living what we learn. This is how we expand the mass consciousness.

Figure 5: The Andromeda Galaxy, ~2.2 million light-years away
The Pleiadians are talking about Earth having a sister planet in another galaxy[9]. They don't mention which galaxy that might be, but if we go to Ashayana's Voyagers II book, we see that this sister planet is located in a solar system in the Andromeda Galaxy, approximately 2.2 million light-years from our own Milky Way Galaxy. Much because of Invader Forces like the Sirian Ša.A.M.i. and the Anunnaki, the original creator gods, who seeded humanity to begin with (called the Breneau Order by the Guardians) had to hide certain stargates called the Halls of Amenti, which lead to planet Tara, the original Earth from which our present planet stems. How this is related on a higher metaphysical level will be a subject for another paper, but for our purpose, these stargates, the Halls of Amenti, which once upon a time were placed in the core of the Earth, have been moved several times and were once located in the core of a sister planet to Earth in the Andromeda Galaxy.





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