Best Camera Mounts for Kitesurfing "HowTo" With Damien Leroy - Kiteboarder

With over 25 years in competitive sports I am now on a mission to give back and share all that I have learned in life. This video covers the tips and tricks and best secrets in capturing the ultimate shots in Kitesurfing. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to like and Subscribe. A lot more coming your way! Links to the products in the video: https://moderntechnocracy.com/Divisions/ https://noirmatter.com https://www.prostandard.com/products/the-grill-mount https://flymount.com https://gopro.com/en/us/

Professional athlete Damien LeRoy shares a message about happiness. Filmed with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Amazing Music By: Captain Courageous Lumineers - Ho Hey Cover by: CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS http://captaincourageousmusic.com/ Instagram: @captaincourageousmusic Twitter: @captncourageous Follow Damo at: Damienleroy.com Instagram: @leroydamo Twitter: @leroydamo Facebook: Damien Leroy



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