'Do something today that your future self will thank you for'

In this video, I share with you my experience of swimming a mile in 29 minutes and 21 seconds at the OC today Nov. 16th 2023. I also show you the beautiful fall scenery and talk about the benefits of cold weather therapy and meditation. I explain why I call myself the Buddha from Mississippi and what it means to awaken to your true nature. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and wellness. I tell you why I call myself the Buddha from Mississippi and what it means to awaken to your true nature. I also explain the nature of your breath, your spinal cord, and your chakras. This is a video about overcoming challenges and discovering yourself. #swimming #meditation #awakening #buddha #mississippi #nature #coldweather #chakras #mindfulness #wellness #swimamile #coldtherapy #buddhafrommississippi #fallscenery #breath #spinalcord #awakentoyourtruenature #peace #happiness #selfdiscovery

Are you feeling a deep, inexplicable pull towards something greater, a shift in your perception and understanding of the world? You may be one of the select 1% undergoing a profound cosmic shift.
In this video, we delve into the mysteries of this new dimension, a place characterized by peace, love, joy, and spiritual growth. We'll discuss the signs indicating your potential ascension to this higher state of being, ranging from physical symptoms to emotional and spiritual awakenings. Discover how the rapid transition from our current third-dimensional reality to the fifth dimension is reshaping humanity's future. Learn about the unique abilities and heightened levels of empathy and intuition associated with this shift. We'll guide you through understanding if you're among the special few destined for this new Earth, and how to align your energy with its higher frequency. This isn't just a personal journey; it's a collective evolution towards a brighter, more harmonious world. Join us as we explore the path to a new era of human existence and uncover whether you're ready to be part of this extraordinary transformation. Chapter 1: Revealing the 5D Earth's Secret 1:00 Chapter 2: Are You Showing Signs of the Shift? 3:28 Chapter 3: What to Expect During the Shift 5:15 Chapter 4: A Glimpse into Life on the New Earth 6:33 Chapter 5: Helping Others Shift (and Why it's Important) 8:22 Chapter 6: Your Final Chance To Be One Of The Chosen 1% 11:14

Time and memory. Perhaps, the two most fundamental aspects of human existence. While it is very important to avoid generalising about the longest continual culture on the face of the Earth, over 50,000 years old, time and memory take on very unique dimensions in spirituality of the First Nations People of Australia. Before Europeans arrived in Australia, the population of First Australians was split into 250 individual nations, many of which were in alliance with one another, and within each nation there existed separate, often related clans, from as few as 5 or 6 to as many as 30 or 40. Each nation had its own language, and a few had several. At the heart of any First Australians conception of time is The Dreamtime, often translated in just two of the 250 plus First Nations languages as Tjukurrpa or Alcheringa. Among the many diverse Australian First Nations there is a shared understanding of time and space as being intricately interwoven with the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime: A Time Beyond Time In the Western worldview, time is mostly perceived as linear, marked by past, present, and future. However, within Australian First Nations cultures, time takes on a fundamentally different character. #australianaboriginal #spirituality #dreamtime


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