How to Shine as the Stars of Higher Consciousness


In this video, I share with you some insights on how to rise from the dust of the earth (your human thinking) and shine as the stars (enlightened beings) of higher consciousness. You will learn about the true nature of God, the oneness of all things, and the heaven within you. You will also discover how to live in the kingdom of heaven now, and enjoy the unconditional love, peace, and joy that God has for you. This video will help you to awaken to your true identity and purpose, and to experience the bliss of living in the now.

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0:00 - Introduction: Rising from the dust of the earth and shining as the stars of higher consciousness
0:25 - The oneness of God and all things: There is no division or separation in God
0:50 - The new man arising on the earth: Shedding the old belief systems and revealing the truth of our oneness with God
1:15 - The true nature of God and heaven: God is unconditional love and heaven is within you
1:40 - Living in the kingdom of heaven now: Enjoying the peace, joy, and abundance that God has for you
2:05 - Conclusion: Awakening to your true identity and purpose, and experiencing the bliss of living in the now

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