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THE MOMENT - Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012
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July 20, 2012
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“Moment” Organizers Choose Native Sacred Site in Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas – On October 20, 2012, several thousand pilgrims are expected to arrive in Hot Springs for a massive prayer event being called “The Moment”. Called a “Planetary Pentecost” by Rev. David Hulse, founder of the RISE Wellness Center, Hot Springs, this event is expected to draw global attention and attendance.

The event will take place on and around Hot Springs Mountain, long known as a Native American sacred site called Manataka or Place of Peace. The area known as Manataka encompasses Hot Springs Mountain, Indian Mountain and West Mountain, referred to as the Three Sisters by First Nations People. This area was a gathering place for indigenous nations for thousands of years prior to the explorations conducted by the Spanish and the French. The area was heavily mined for novaculite, a stone which could be shaped into a very hard sharp edge for spear tips and cutting tools.
But it is Hot Springs Mountain that is most associated with the Place of Peace. Although it is hard to imagine today with the bath houses and tourist shops on the west side of the mountain, prehistoric peoples and early explorers beheld a place of wonder here.
Hot water issued forth from over 50 springs down the side of the mountain from as high as 187 feet. The springs were surrounded by mounds created by the mineral deposits from the springs. These white mounds were streaked with red iron oxide. The overall exotic landscape caused one writer to think mistakenly that the area had volcanic activity.

These springs were known for their healing and rejuvenating properties throughout the Americas. It was a strange and foreboding place, rich in flora and fauna. This was considered a sacred place, a place given special attention by Creator. Many tribes told stories of this strange place called ‘the Place of Peace’ in their own languages. This was a place acknowledged as important to all people and all people were allowed to travel there for their physical and spiritual needs without fear of enemy interference.

It is the goal of The Moment event to bring people from all over the planet to join hands, hearts and minds, in prayer for healing. Manataka with this history of peace, healing and wonder seems a perfect place for such an endeavor, says Rev. Hulse.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Rev. Hulse has always felt a connection with Native American peoples. After several years of ministering in Hot Springs, where he first heard about the Manataka Sacred Site, he decided to relocate here. “There is a language of the Heart,” says Rev. Hulse. The Moment will bring people together in Heart Space and each will understand the language of the other, he explains.

Rev. Tom Haley, pastor of the Rock Hill Christian Church, Hot Springs, shares this vision. “Peace is within our reach,” says Rev. Haley. “I look forward to seeing people of all races, creeds, colors, tribes, cultures, religions and social situations come together as one people, spiritually and peacefully, to meet each other as one family of humanity,” he continues.

Rev. Cheryl Batts, President of a Hot Springs non-profit community based organization and a minister at one of the local churches, quotes Lee “Standing Bear” Moore, Secretary and Story Keeper for Manataka American Indian Council, as saying....
The Moment will bring a close to the age of repentance and open a new time of deliverance, an awakening.

The Moment is the fulfillment of Indian prophesies
when the people of all races come together in love in a single circle, give thanks and pray. The Moment will create a mass consciousness, a light that will spread
to many lands.”

Rev. Batts is Chairperson for the Moment’s Invitation Committee. “We want to invite every church in Hot Springs for this uplifting spiritual event,” she states. If you have not yet received an invitation and wish to participate with your congregation, you may contact Rev. Batts at info@momenthotsprings.com.

If you are an individual who plans to attend The Moment, you are encouraged to register for this free event at www.momenthotsprings.com.

The web site and Facebook page The Moment LLC will be continually updated with the latest news concerning this momentous event.

To keep up with the progress of The Moment, LLC project, look for The Moment, LLC on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/337119626352761

The MOMENT website is http://www.momenthotsprings.com/

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To keep up with the progress of The Moment, LLC project, look for The Moment, LLC on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/337119626352761

The MOMENT website is http://www.momenthotsprings.com/


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October 20, 2012

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

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